Chickadee in nearby pine tree, saint paul mn

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Squirrel Proof - Chickadee, Nuthatch, & Finch Bird Feeder 

Designed with songbirds in mind.


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Wanted and Unwanted Visitors

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Unwanted Visitors

The RollerFeeder has tested to successfully prevent the following animals and birds from feeding, hoarding seed, and keeping the smaller and desirable songbirds away. We cannot name every animal/bird in every geographic area, listed are the most common problem animals.  You can associate the size & type of problem animals in your area with the below list. 



.View all here. squirrel

  • Grey Squirrels - All Squirrel in a RollerFeeder Tree       See Testimonials! page

  • Red Squirrels 

  • Raccoon effective 

  • Other rodents similar in size to squirrels









Unwanted Large Birds

  • All Starlings - also known as "European Starlings"                                            

  • All Blackbirds

  • All Grackles

  • Crows or Ravens

  • Cowbirds

  • Pigeons

  • Blue Jays (and other jays)

  • Highly effective against House (English) Sparrows, from flocking.

  • Any Larger Birds.

  • Eliminates pest bird flocking & hoarding



Wanted Visitors

.View all here. squirrel

  • Chickadees

  • White Breasted Nuthatches

  • Red Breasted Nuthatches

  • All Finch Varieties

  • Junco

  • Common Redpoll

  • Tufted Titmouse 

  • Cardinals (accommodates up to cardinals)

  • Other small-medium size bird feeder visitors

RollerFeeder Photos

Songbirds & Squirrels.

cardinal & goldfinch

squirrel rolling off

squirrel rolling off

chickadee, frequent visitor

female goldfinches both sides

squirrel rolling off - top

squirrel rolling off

male american goldfinch

purple finch & goldfinch

white breasted nuthatch

tufted timouse on rollerfeeder

RollerFeeder also accommodates tufted titmice and other 

small-mid size songbirds that frequent bird feeders.

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