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"Rollerfeeder area became bird central station!"

 RollerFeeder caters to small desirable birds only, no squirrels or blackbirdsIt's me again. I'm the one who was lucky enough to see a Chickadee use Rollerfeeder within three minutes. Last month I informed you of the Downy enjoying it and now as I type, a handsom Red-Bellied is learning to use it. I stopped filling the suet feeder and the Rollerfeeder area became bird central station! Still there are no visits from squirrels, sparrows or euro starlings. Thank You Rollerfeeder.    


Sincerely, Jodi, L.I.N.Y.


"What a squawking they put up"

RollerFeeder caters to small desirable birds only, no squirrels or blackbirdsI have enjoyed watching the mother finches gather the seed and then patiently feed them to the waiting babies that perch atop of the feeder. What a squawking they put up! That's how I know they are there. The feeder is about 12 feet from my kitchen window It has been a very enjoyable scene. I am using sunflower hearts in the feeder and they seem to be working well. I only have to fill it one or two times a week and this eliminates the clean up of the discarded shells. Thanks for a very good product!


Zinn,  Massachusetts


"Low and behold birds have taken great affection to it"

"Rolling him off in an instant"


RollerFeeder caters to small desirable birds only, no squirrels or blackbirdsI received my roller feeder about one year ago and I made a hanging perch to hang it from. I positioned the feeder close to a window but the birds would only visit occasionally. I moved the feeder to a large tree and hung it from a branch. Low and behold birds have taken great affection to it. Chickadees mostly. The other day I came home from work to have lunch with my wife & father in law and I noticed a red squirrel hanging around under the feeder. We watched him awhile, and as he made his way up the tree we thought maybe he would attempt to go for the feeder. He did!. He crawled his way down the wire to the side shield and when he reached for the perch to get some seed the roller feeder did its job, rolling him off in an instant. We all laughed as it was very comical. By the way the red squirrel has not been back yet. 


Mike & Sandy, Stacy, Minnesota

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