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" The giant raccoon apparently did too..."

Love the feeders. They work perfectly. The squirrels gave up on them long ago. The giant raccoon apparently did too, since he's never been back once I changed the position of that rope so 
he could no longer use his foot to hold on. Your feeders are truly squirrel proof, raccoon proof but perhaps, not bear proof...but haven't tested that one yet. They are holding up wonderfully, look brand new and am very happy.

Tom, Chocowinity North Carolina

(Owner seed & suet feeder)



" ...and our feed consumption has been cut in half."

To finally solve the problem, we purchased a RollerFeeder. It was entertaining at the beginning to watch the squirrels fall off. In fact, one of our children suggested to locate a barrel with piranhas underneath the feeder to solve the problem once and for all. But that was not necessary, since the squirrels are smart: They learned quickly that the RollerFeeder was beyond their reach. The RollerFeeders eliminated squirrel problems and our feed consumption has been cut in half.

Part of Letter to Newspaper sent to Rollerfeeder

Carl in NY


"...birds are quite happy..."

Greetings! Our birds are quite happy with the RollerFeeder. We get lots of chickadees, titmice, white-breasted nuthatches, wrens, sparrows and some cardinals and a rare crossbill and grosbeak. We also have lots of finches. They go primarily to the niger seed feeder. Bigger birds like the mourning doves and blue jays have to pick up the seeds dropped on the ground.

Sincerely, W. Carl - Kingston NY



Customer letter to News Column Writer > Click here


"...very little spillage"

This will be my second roller feeder.  It took a little while for the birds to start using it but there is very little spillage so I spend a lot less money on seed.  It is well worth the price,  Thank you.

Diane - Poughkeepsie NY

(2nd Order Comments)



"I watch as the squirrels merely look at your feeder (with what I can only assume is with disdain)...."

After years of squirrels defeating all of my previously purchased bird feeders, I recently bought your product.
I sit and watch as squirrels go sliding off of your product. In fact, recently I watch as the squirrels merely look at your feeder (with what I can only assume is with disdain) and don’t even attempt to steal the food inside.  I would recommend your product to anyone.  Congratulations on a great product. FYI, the last “squirrel proof” feeder I bought lasted for about a month.

Thanks,  Kevin - Little Rock Arkansas


"...So the entertainments isn't over yet" 

I've just received your suet feeder - most of my birds discovered and accepted it in less than an hour, so I'm delighted. One of the squirrels I battle daily was totally perplexed after falling, and it was great entertainment watching him try to figure out what to do next. He hasn't been back, but there are at least two more in the neighborhood that come to my deck to try and pig out, so the entertainments isn't over yet.

I'm also terribly impressed with the quality of construction of the feeder and wanted to ask if you'd consider creating a Bluebird feeder that would allow me to feed suet and mealworms within a similar type of protected environment. There are plenty of feeders on the market, but yours is truly a work of art and engineering superiority.
                         Thanks,  Anne - Marietta Georgia


...we can really say it is "squirrel proof"

Having recently purchased one of your "Squirrel Proof" feeders, we are thrilled that we can really say it is "squirrel proof". Thanks a million for your ingenious design. Now that problem is solved do you make a feeder that will accommodate small seeds for the birds. If you do we will definitely be interested in purchasing another one of your excellent feeders. Be sure and tell your workers "A job well done". 

Gene and Eva. Finksburg, MD.

(Owner of 1, recently purchased 2nd rollerfeeder)




"Rf2 suet feeder"

Hi, the RF2 Suet Feeder arrived about an hour ago, and already the hairy and downy and titmice are enjoying the suet inside. I make my own cakes, a combination of peanut butter, oats, cornmeal, crisco, ( a recipe I found in Birds and Blooms), and the squirrels were devouring it, so the roller feeder should save me a lot of money!

Thanks for sending promptly, now I have two regular roller feeders and the suet feeder, a nice set!

~ Joyce ~

(2nd e-mail)




"That pesky squirrel has been trying his best..."

Shortly after I sent you that message about the birds not using the feeder I noticed some purple finches on the feeder and that's all it took for the other song birds to join in. Now I have Tufted Titmouse, Gold finch, Red Breasted Nuthatch, Black Capped Chickadee coming to the feeder regularly. That pesky squirrel has been trying his best to get at the sunflower seeds and I get a good laugh every time he gets thrown to the ground . I plan on putting the second roller feeder on my back deck and eliminate the wasteful tube style thistle and sunflower seed feeder. The bird feeding tips were very helpful and I learned some new things about attracting song birds. Thanks Again!


Michael - Sandusky Michigan 

(Owner 2 Rollerfeeders)


"Raccoons and squirrels can't"

Dear Rollerfeeder:  I am very happy with my Rollerfeeder. The cardinals and smaller birds use it, and the Raccoons and Squirrels can't. It is the only feeder (I have tried so many) that really works. I am interested in buying a suet feeder, but I cannot tell the difference between the two models on your web site. Can you educate me?
                Many thanks.  Carol - Orient, New York



...put up the rolling feeder"

Dear Rollerfeeder,
" I purchased your bird feeder late last summer, and although I live in a wooded area with LOTS of squirrels, as soon as I took down the cylinder bird feeder and put up the “Rolling Feeder,” NOT ONE squirrel has gotten anything out of the feeder (though they try now and then.). The feeder works just as advertised, and I’m VERY pleased with it. .

Thank you!  

Roger - Mechanicsville, MD



Also, a reader made notice of my reference to "greedy squirrels" in last week’s column and said she had found a 100 percent squirrel-proof feeder that she gave to her son for his birthday. She said the feeder has been in place since September and not one squirrel has mastered it. It’s the RollerFeeder Bird Feeder patented squirrel-proof bird feeder. Information is available on line at I checked it out and it looks effective, but the price is a lot higher than your normal everyday bird feeder. If it really works – and my reader swears it does – it might be worth it.



"Research before ordering"

"I did a lot of research before I ordered. Your feeder made the most sense. It’s a genius design."

Ferda, Ft Worth Texas


"I'm delighted"

I bought your red squirrel proof feeder - and I'm delighted. Finally a feeder that really works on all squirrels. It's fantastic. I cannot find anywhere on the web a red squirrel proof SUET 'bout coming up with one? If anyone can, you can! And let me know when you do - I'll be your first customer.

Joan - Pittsfield Massachusetts


"I am enjoying the birds without having the anxiety of worrying about the squirrels"

RollerFeeder caters to small desirable birds only, no squirrels or blackbirdsHello, finally, my patience has been rewarded. The birds have discovered the RollerFeeder and the news spread quickly. I have feathered friends visiting the feeder all throughout the day. The squirrels have given up, and I am enjoying the birds without having the anxiety of worrying about the squirrels getting into the feeder. I could not be happier with the product and the service you have provided, thank you so very much.

Sincerely, Gloria  - Wynnewood Pennsylvania


"Btw, I already have one of these feeders, and it is the best feeder I have ever used"

Paula - Newton New Hampshire

(2nd order comments)

...found you on yahoo, bought this feeder for my mom last xmas and she loves it - it works great!

(2nd order comments)

DJ - Stokesdale,  NC




"The squirrels just stare up with envy..."

I am definitely saving major money on bird seed using these feeder types...the squirrels have pretty much figured out that they are unable to defeat these feeders. The squirrels just stare up with envy that the birds are engaged in uninterrupted feeding.

Curt, Manchester Connecticut



"...quality of your product."

By the way, I had cardinals, nuthatches, and chickadees at my new Roller Feeder on day 2 after installation! I'm very pleased with the quality of your product. 
Thanks again.  David - Coralville Iowa


"...Cardinal feeder and it works just like you advertised"


Hi –
Just wanted to drop a little note to let you how much I love my new rollerfeeder. It’s perfect. I ordered the RF2 Cardinal feeder and it works just like you advertised. I have mine mounted in the center of an old wooden A frame that once held a swing. The squirrels tried for the first couple of days to access the feeder but quickly gave up. It didn’t take the cardinals long to figure out how to land on the feeder. I have referred your website to a couple of my friends. Thanks again for such a great product. 

Cindy Spring, Texas


"I already have one..."

" I already have one Roller feeder and love it! Thanks for such a great product. " 

Barbara, Sag Harbor NY - 

(2nd order comments)




"It has been 100% effective..."

RollerFeeder caters to small desirable birds only, no squirrels or blackbirdsHi, I ordered your feeder back in April. I was really excited about the concept but was skeptical given the fact that all other feeders I have tried were defeated by squirrels and raccoons we have. Well now in September here I have to say your feeder is incredible it has been 100% effective in keeping the squirrels off. Numerous squirrels have tried it and failed and after a while our “local” bunch got the picture to just stay away but every now and then new ones come and try to get on the feeder only to find themselves on the ground. Your feeder is so well built too it’s a total quality piece of equipment from the construction of the housing to the copper tips on the sides a really nice job. I also love the fact it is a safe way to deter squirrels and we had our chickadees on the feeder within several hours of putting it up. Within several days nearly all our regular birds were using the feeder and accustomed to it.

I wanted to thank you on a great product it is so rare today to come across something like this that is a quality well-built product.

Thank you!                Steve from Rhode Island


"...loved your feeder for quite a while"

Return Customer!!  Have loved your feeder for quite a 

while and wanted to order another, may be back for yet another!!

(2nd order comments)

Karen - Ewing NJ


"Suet & Seed"

"'I'm ordering a suet and a seed feeder -a coworker swears by your feeders

(Order Comments)

Nancy - Riverside, Rhode Island




"Birds 100%, squirrels zip"


We are enjoying the new feeder. The workmanship and materials are superb. Birds 100%, Squirrels Zip.

Paul  Hyannis, MA.




Observer-Dispatch Online

"...not one squirrel has mastered it"


" I was recommended by a friend who uses your product." 

Jerry - Nashville, Tennessee


      "I am not wasting bird food falling to the ground"
Our little birds are really getting the "hang" of the new Roller feeders, and the squirrels lost interest after one day. A significant benefit of your design is that I am not wasting bird food falling to the ground. Shelled sunflower seed is about $28.00 per 20 lbs.; so your design would seem to pay for itself over the next six months.   Sincerely, Ted - Sykesville Maryland


"...spillage has been reduced enormously"

I'd guess that our feed costs have dropped by more than 90%. The squirrels had been literally "eating us out of house and home." Considering the cost of feed and the RollerFeeder, this feeder paid for itself in the first summer. Moreover, because the seed spillage has been reduced enormously, we don't have a weed patch below it.  Tom Buffalo New York.


"I just put it up and it is a magnificent feeder" (red model)

Frank - Ontario Canada

"..I was feeding squirrels about 75% of my suet"

The suet feeder is working great. Before the RollerFeeder I was feeding the squirrels about 75% of my homemade suet cakes. Now the squirrels focus on the deer feeder out back, where there is corn. No matter how hard they try to get at the suet, they can't defeat your design. It's a great product.

Bill - Elliottsburg, PA


"Now, no problem whatsoever with the squirrels

...same with the grackles."


Dear RF,  We received our RollerFeeder II almost two weeks ago.  It's a winner!  We couldn't keep the squirrels and grackles out of our first feeder.  Now, no problem whatsoever with the squirrels, they have had no luck in getting on the feeder.  Also, same with the grackles.  The Cassin's Finch really took to the feeder, it's our prevalent bird at this time.  They really go for the Black Oil Sunflower Seed.  The RollerFeeder is well designed and crafted with quality materials.  We were impressed with the way it was packed for shipping, it arrived in perfect shape with the unexpected bonus of a filling of the sunflower seed.  We look forward to the continuing pleasure of seeing the birds enjoy this excellent feeder.  

Sincerely,  The Murphys/Aurora, Colorado


"...cutting torches or explosives"

I am amazed that the squirrels apparently just gave up. They quickly stopped trying. I would have expected them to bring in cutting torches or explosives.  To date, I have seen the following birds feeding on the rollerfeeder.

cardinal, chickadee, house finch, goldfinch, slate-colored junco
white-breasted nuthatch, house sparrow, white-throated sparrow
tufted titmouse, downy woodpecker, red-bellied woodpecker
carolina wren.

The red-bellied woodpecker is rather large for the feeder, but seems to have no trouble with it. He usually shows up on the feeder several times a day.

Thanks, Dan

Briarcliff Manor NY



"This is a really cool product."  

The suet feeder I bought has worked really well.  Now I want to see how the cardinal feeder works.

Robert, Roswell Georgia


"...not feeding the squirrels"

"It's working just as it has been designed to do - I am definitely not  feeding the squirrels anymore really have a great product." 

Wolfhard - Austin, Texas

"... a hit!"

2 feeders received in June are a Hit!  Please ship by same means or contact via e-mail if more info required.  Thanks.

Karl - Cork, Ireland



"... probably the disgruntled squirrel"

Hello, I just wanted to inform you that my household had recently lost its phone service for a couple days.  The bottom line was that a squirrel had chewed a 3" line about a mile up the road.  I told my wife it's probably the disgruntled squirrel that has finally given up on the roller-feeder!

Don - Beacon Falls, CT


"..seed feeder to my mother-in-law and she loves hers"

I wanted to write to let you know how pleased I am with the Rollerfeeder...both the seed & suet feeders. I have not found any feeders that deter squirrels but these do!!! I have a suet and seed feeder and gave a suet and seed feeder to my mother-in-law and she loves hers so I am now in good graces with my mother-in-law-yea!!

Andrea - Stewart TN  


"..totally effective...most incredibly persistent red squirrel"

Just a heads up... ours with accessory is totally effective against the most incredibly persistent red squirrel I've ever seen. He'll hang for minutes trying to get in after figuring out how to not get thrown off. The gray squirrels had given up LONG ago. And the fun of watching the little guys getting thrown off is just too much-- especially when you can see how mad they get and jump right back up the tree to try again.

Thanks ROLLER FEEDER!! The other "squirrel proof" feeders just work to show how smart reds are... 

Patrick, Banner Elk North Carolina


"so far...tufted titmice, chickadees & cardinals!"

Hello, I wanted to write and tell you how much my family is enjoying your wonderful bird feeder.  I searched and searched online for a truly squirrel proof feeder and then I found your site.  Reading all of the testimonials was what made me order, so I would like to add mine to the list!
       We were so excited about its arrival that we actually sat and stared at it hanging in our tree for over 30 minutes, even though were supposed to be somewhere.  We didn't want to miss the highly anticipated squirrel antics!  Well, nothing happened and it continued that way for almost 4-5 days - then the birds found it.  (So, be patient) We live in the panhandle of Florida and so far we have had tufted titmice, chickadees and cardinals!  
       As for your other customers, we are sort of disappointed because they gave up!! And they gave up very quickly!  We laughed and called to each other to watch when they did attempt anything but they stopped in 2 days.  Now they don't even go near it.
       Your feeder is so well designed, so attractive and works so well that I recommend it 110%.  Thank you for giving us bird lovers such a gift :)
       Sincerely, The O'Brien Family   Gulf Breeze, Florida


Patricia from Pennsylvania - 2nd order comments.

"I have the original on my patio, and I love it."


"It's up, the birds like it..."

I just wanted to commend your company for such fast service. I ordered the feeder on Monday and it arrived yesterday, Wednesday. Amazing! It's up, the birds like it and it's a nice design to look at. Thanks again for your help and the speedy delivery.

Paula  - Traverse City, Michigan



"...our small birds, titmice, chickadees, nuthatches..."

My husband and I are really enjoying both our handsome rollerfeeders, which we just installed. One feeder is on the crab apple tree, which is the tree most frequented by our friendly, but determined, grey squirrels.  I have seen as many as eight in the yard.    Now we have our small birds (titmice, chickadees, nuthatches) flitting from feeder to feeder.  I have hung one rollerfeeder off the crab apple tree, and the other is hung from one our huge pines.   I will be ordering more, once I discuss your product with my siblings, who also might be interested.  So, thank you once again.  It is so nice to have the little birds back.  The squirrels scour the ground for a morsel, and sometimes climb the limbs to attack the feeders, to no avail.   The squirrels do not seem to be hurt, especially since they used to fall off the other feeders, once they had had their fill.  This time, the birds win.   What a great invention.  


"adding a suet feeder to the mix."

This is my second order...adding a suet feeder to the mix.  It really does beat the squirrels.  I have a hunch this will pay for itself quickly in the suet savings.  Only the squirrels will be sad!  Thank you.

Stephen - Shawnee Kansas

Best wishes, Marie - Sudbury Massachusetts


"Those rude big birds, well they're just perching nearby"

Thanks for creating such a great bird feeding product.  I received my roller feeder in just two days, just as you promised.  My new roller feeder is now installed with the following results.  The finches are happy eating from their new table.  Mr. & Mrs. Cardinal have stopped by and I'm sure they will be back to enjoy the sunflower seeds.  The sparrows don't seem to have a taste for the sunflower hearts and thistle seed.  Those rude big birds, well they're just perching nearby, trying to figure out why they can't enjoy the song bird feast of seeds.  Squirrels...I only have one in the neighborhood, but he hasn't come by to visit yet. 

The roller feeder is a thing of bird feeding beauty.  Design features and product construction is more than worth, what at first seemed to be an overpriced bird feeder, but now I'm looking forward to many years of enjoyment, without all those unwanted seed wasting non-singing birds.

Thanks Gene from Macomb, Michigan



"...the feeder looks like an airport most of the time...with the squirrels and grackles out of the way we figure the feeder will have paid for itself in a short time"

Dear RF

We've been back now about five days.  During that time, there've been a couple of squirrels around on the ground, but we haven't seen a one on the feeder.  We think that while were away, they learned that they couldn't beat it, so they pick up whatever winds up on the ground.  And, the feeder looks like an airport most of the time -- all kinds of birds using it, including a couple of cardinals.  We have a few grackles.  I've seen them trying to use the feeder, but they have to keep their wings going to stay on it,  and they simply loose interest.  That's fine with us, because we wanted to get rid of them as well as the squirrels.  We have all six weights in the bottom.  That seems to work well for us. I think it was as you said, that the birds have to learn a new feeder, but once learned, they flock to it.


With the squirrels and grackles out of the way, we figure the feeder will have paid for itself in a short time. 


My wife and I are very impressed with the feeder -- so ingenious.  We were wondering if you had any problem getting a patent on it.  We know that some squirrel-deterrent feeders have spring-loaded perches that keep squirrels off -- somewhat of a similar idea to yours, but certainly not exactly. 


We're glad we ran into your design!!

T - Williamsville New York


"...laughing out loud watching the squirrels & their acrobats!"


The squirrels are a  riot to watch.  We had 8 of them the other day, one of which was a black one.  The gray squirrels try jumping on the feeder along with other methods but so far they haven't figured out how to feed from them.  The black squirrel won't take the leap. My husband and I were literally laughing out loud watching the squirrels and their acrobats!

 Linda  - Lords Valley Pennsylvania


" is a riot to watch the squirrels try..."

Hello Just a quick update on the feeder.  The one lone sparrow has finally shown the other birds how to use the feed and we now have all of our wild friends back. The larger birds, woodpeckers and crows, get very agitated because the feeder rolls on them and it is a riot to watch the squirrels try to find a way to get to the seed.  Thanks for a wonderful invention!!

 Kay  - Virginia

"squirrels cannot feed from it or damage it..."


Dear RF

The Rollerfeeder II is wonderful. Everything you say on your web site is true: squirrels cannot feed from it or damage it, but the squirrels are not hurt in any way. It is so sturdy and well-made, has no upkeep other than washing (as do all feeders) and it is environmentally friendly and low cost (no batteries). We used to have platform feeders of varying kinds, but first the squirrels became a problem, then the raccoons, and finally the deer. So I am anxious to see if the cardinals like the see-through feeder. If they don't, it's back to square one, unless you come up with something else.


Carolyn  - North Liberty Iowa



"I can't tell you how happy I was...."

RollerFeeder caters to small desirable birds only, no squirrels or blackbirdsI can't tell you how happy I was to hear (and see) the first

squirrel fall off of it!  Thanks for your follow-up.

I'm very pleased.  And your recommendation of the

black oil sunflower seeds was a great one... the songbirds

love it!  Again, thanks for all your help!  

Kelly - Athens GA

"I must admit I am disappointed in my five squirrels."

RollerFeeder caters to small desirable birds only, no squirrels or blackbirdsI have owned your Roller Feeder for two weeks now and I must admit I am disappointed in my five squirrels.  I have the Roller Feeder hanging from  a rope that goes from my deck to a tree.  It is at least 10 feet off the ground.

The very first morning I was lucky enough to see a squirrel take a flying leap onto the feeder.  Just as you described, the squirrel spun around and fell to the ground.  Then he walked across the rope and climbed down the long hanger.  Well, he just slid down the hanger to the side of the feeder and just kept going right to the ground. 

The squirrels have spent hours sitting on the rope above the feeder, and on the ground, trying to figure out how to get to the bird seed.  They have given up.  The squirrels are really smart.  It is amazing to watch them try to outwit the feeder and then spend hours and hours thinking of different ways to get to the seed.

My wife just loves the feeder and having the small birds around.  Your Roller Feeder really is squirrel proof.  Thanks for a great product.   Pete - Hopatcong NJ


 "It appears the RollerFeeder is bear proof as well"

RollerFeeder caters to small desirable birds only, no squirrels or blackbirdsBought a RollerFeeder for my father in law last June.  He was delighted that no squirrels were able to figure out a way around it.


Thought you might like to know that it appears the RollerFeeder is "bear proof" as well.  Dad wrote that he looked out his window the other day only to find a bear trying to get into the feeder.  I guess quite a struggle ensued.  The bear was unsuccessful at stealing any seed but managed to bend the feeder hanger  as a final "I'll show you"!  Colette - Pennsylvania

"The feeder won- - great invention"

RollerFeeder caters to small desirable birds only, no squirrels or blackbirdsHi :  Happy New Year!!  Well, let me tell you.  The new rf is great.  We both loved it.  She does not have a tree to hang it from, so she is planning on making a tee to hang it from.  As for me, I love it, and I wished I had waited for it.  What a wonderful job you did.  It's such a wonderful creation.  I just kept admiring it.  I could have it in my tree by now.  Let me tell you a little story.  Today I had the opportunity to witness with my own eyes a squirrel flip off my (original) roller feeder a good number of times.  He was pretty determined and so was the feeder.  The feeder won--great invention, M!!  This is the first time since I hung it that I witnessed this.  I had such a good laugh--better than TV. You do wonderful work.  I have finches, titmice, chickadees as visitors on my rf.  Christine -  PA  

"I just love my RollerFeeder"

RollerFeeder caters to small desirable birds only, no squirrels or blackbirdsI just love my Rollerfeeder.  It definitely solved my problem with large blue jays eating all the seeds and scaring away the small birds.  The jays have even relocated elsewhere.  It is a wonderful product and I have recommended the Roller-feeder to all of my friends.  Best Regards - Mary Ann from New Mexico

"I have spent countless dollars on feeders that could 

not achieve what this feeder does"

RollerFeeder caters to small desirable birds only, no squirrels or blackbirdsIt took my Chickadee's only three days to find the new feeder. The squirrels found it first and got dumped every time! They gave up faster than I wanted them to because it made my day to see a squirrel proof bird feeder that actually worked! The House Finch have also found it but there is not the usual flocking because more than three on the perch weight in down and nearly closes off the feeding ports. I have spent countless dollars on feeders that could not achieve what this feeder does plus it's so pretty. It's an absolute ingenious invention and wish every serious bird watcher had one. Many thanks!!!

Charlene - Shreveport, La.


"I have had a ton of chickadees"

RollerFeeder caters to small desirable birds only, no squirrels or blackbirdsMy husband and I purchased one of your roller feeders and I wanted to send you an update.   I have had a ton of chickadees and also nuthatches. It took only one day for the birds to find it and they seem to love it.  We are very impressed with your workmanship and wish you all the best in the future with your great invention.  I have seen squirrels looking at it but have not yet attempted to get on it.  I know they will be quite frustrated at not being able to get at the seed, but they will have to find food elsewhere. Mary & Lyle - Circle Pines MN


"...the roller feeder was inaccessible"

RollerFeeder caters to small desirable birds only, no squirrels or blackbirds Hi, the squirrels learned very quickly that the roller feeder was inaccessible. They still play with the corn cobs on your pulley though and I put up another corn cob whirly windmill which they play with. The roller though is what keeps my little birds happy cause there are times during the day when the mourning doves and starlings take over my platform stations.

Virginia, Saunderstown RI


"...tried it 7 times and couldn't do it."

RollerFeeder caters to small desirable birds only, no squirrels or blackbirdsI got the feeder on Tues. and we put it up that night. On wed. morning our first guest was of course the squirrel. He tried 7 times and couldn't do it.


He hasn't been back! And the little ones that used to rely on his knocking all the seed out haven't been able to eat off the ground either.


I'm so glad.  I haven't seen the birds find it yet, but I wasn't home a lot yesterday and I'm sure it will take them a little to realize a feeder is back.


It's an ingenious design. And it's great that the seed doesn't get knocked out.


Take care - Robin, Austin TX


"I noticed the titmouse back and eating from the feeder!"

Hi there! (Robin's 2nd note)


I was thinking of writing you to let you know that yesterday was the first day I noticed the titmouse back and eating from the feeder! I was very excited. (Simple pleasures).


I've also seen a chickadee now. So I think the birds are interested in food and will keep coming. And it frustrates the squirrels to no end. They watch the birds and study it and run around beneath the feeder. It has stumped them. 


My husband commented that he thinks the next creatures to "obtain intelligence" will be squirrels.


Robin, Austin TX


"It is truly squirrel proof!"

RollerFeeder caters to small desirable birds only, no squirrels or blackbirdsI meant to get back to you a few weeks ago with a report from here in West Virginia on the RollerFeeder. It really does the job on the squirrels, dumps them out into space immediately. We have at least three of the little buggers (we call them fairy diddles) (red squirrels) trying to figure out a way to get at the seeds in the feeder, but to no avail. I think they have just about given up, but once in a while one of them will take a shot at it. This is the first feeder that I have ever seen that actually works. It is truly squirrel proof! The Fox squirrels don't try to get on it. I believe that they don't care for the way that it's mounted; they don't seem to want to try to climb down that thin wire. Oh yes, the big Jays have tried the RollerFeeder but they get dumped too.


Right now we are getting lots of Finches, mostly Purple but occasionally the Golden Finch will show up. The gold seem to prefer the thistle feeder which is near the RollerFeeder (except for two Hummingbird feeder, these are the only feeders I am using) but they have always gone for thistle as opposed to black oil seed  We have many titmice (titmouses?) at the feeder.


I wish you well with your great invention. If you have a potential customer who wants a reference from an owner, have them email me.   

Kip - Fairmont, West Virginia



"...he is absolutely thrilled with it...MANY small birds"


RollerFeeder caters to small desirable birds only, no squirrels or blackbirds Certainly, you can use my comment(s).

Actually, I bought the RF for my father - he is absolutely thrilled with it since he had problems with (mostly) squirrels as well as the common sparrow "overload". 

Now he is consistently seeing MANY small birds such as chickadees & finch varieties. 

The only problem he seemed to have is that he did not witness the squirrels misfortune of attempting to eat from it :-)

Thanks for a wonderful product and best wishes in your endeavors. 

Norma - Long Valley, New Jersey


"Oh my God, It works!"

RollerFeeder caters to small desirable birds only, no squirrels or blackbirdsThank you for sharing your invention with the rest of us.  The native songbirds desperately need our help and Rollerfeeder is a perfect way to start. I'm a wildlife rehabilitator and It upsets me when I see the birds that are special to me get driven away by the nuisance birds.  A chickadee tried it within three minutes. Your squirrel be-gone feeder is a blessing to my native feathered friends and I no longer have a sparrow slum.                  


Sincerely,  Jodi - San Remo,  New York 



"RollerFeeder is a Success!!"

RollerFeeder caters to small desirable birds only, no squirrels or blackbirdsHi,  It has been about 2 months since I purchased a RollerFeeder from you and I want to let you know that I am 100% satisfied with your product!!  I am saving tons of money on seed now that the squirrels cannot access the feeder.  The black-capped chickadees love it!!  Thank you for selling such a wonderful product.    


Sincerely, Anne - Syracuse New York


"Pretty soon I'll have one hanging from every tree."

RollerFeeder caters to small desirable birds only, no squirrels or blackbirds Hello, I would love for you to use my comment... As I was watching the finches on the roller feeder I was thinking of all the times I had birds empty my platform feeder in just a couple of hours by knocking all of the seed to the ground. That problem has been solved through the use of your feeder. Pretty soon I'll have one hanging from every tree.

Thanks again and I hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday.

Cheryl, Belleville Illinois



"They just plain gave up"

RollerFeeder caters to small desirable birds only, no squirrels or blackbirdsSince I live on the ground floor of an apartment house, my "yard" is an eight-foot-wide concrete patio surrounded with a four-foot fence crowded by evergreens that are at least six feet high. Consequently, squirrels can side-jump onto a bird feeder no matter where I put it, and access by side-jumping is where almost all "squirrel-proof" feeders fail. Consequently, I had two choices: either watch all my birdfeed be almost instantly devoured by squirrels or give up feeding the birds altogether. Then I discovered the RollerFeeder. Despite the small space in which I had to place it (I built a simple frame of copper tubing to support it), it quickly became clear to the squirrels and to myself that it was going to single-handedly turn the situation around. In fact, the squirrels found it so baffling that they did something I've never seen them do before -- they just plain gave up. I can't think of a tougher test for a squirrel-proof feeder than the confines of this patio, and as far as I'm concerned, the RollerFeeder is king.  


-- John, Northampton, Mass.



"I am enjoying your "Roller Feeder."...

 RollerFeeder caters to small desirable birds only, no squirrels or blackbirdsMore important so are the birds. It arrived Tuesday, I put it out Wednesday night and now Thursday the birds have found it. I admire your craftsmanship. Thanks for the prompt shipping.


Jim -  Willingboro, New Jersey


"We love the log feeder" 

The design was not only ingenious, it was hilarious to watch it defeat the squirrels, time after time. I was recommending your feeder to the  people who just bought the house where we first used the birch design. I have referred them to your site.  Good luck with your business!"   Wendy


"BTW, the squirrels don't even come to the feeding station anymore"

RollerFeeder caters to small desirable birds only, no squirrels or blackbirdsMy name is Scott S from St. Paul, MN. I have two things to say about my Roller Feeder:

    Beside the RF, there is a "hopper Feeder" and a "plate feeder", both of which hold more than the RF and need to be filled at least every other day, usually every day. The Roller Feeder, on the other hand, needs a refill about once a week! The ONLY seed going out of it is going into the beaks of chickadees, house finches, gold finches, white- AND rose-breasted nuthatches.

    Now I don't mind a few sparrows surviving the winter at my feeding station, but they were draining the hopper feeder in a matter of hours! Unacceptable! Guess what? They don't touch the Roller Feeder! I don't know why - they are small enough to perch on it and I know they like the seed I put in it. But they stay away! Maybe they don't like the birch log design!

    BTW, the squirrels don't even come to the feeding station anymore  


"It has performed flawlessly"

RollerFeeder caters to small desirable birds only, no squirrels or blackbirdsI have one of the original Roller Feeders. It has performed flawlessly. I have several other feeders in a wooded area suspended by wire. The squirrels have figured out to "walk the tightrope" and get to my feeders. The Roller Feeder is in a tree where the wire originates. Squirrels do not even bother with it anymore.  The best part about the Roller Feeder is the types of birds it attracts.The nut hatches, small finches, chickadees are the most popular.

 I recently had a raccoon in my backyard. Three times a night my motiondetector is activated by the raccoon. It is more acrobatic than thesquirrels. It has tried several times, from various hanging positions, to get at the Roller Feeder but it is too large to get at the holes. The roller action keeps the food safe and uneaten!!!


John  M - Maplewood Minnesota



"The squirrels have given up"

RollerFeeder caters to small desirable birds only, no squirrels or blackbirdsI am writing to say how well your rollerfeeder is working for us. We are very pleased with the performance and how it has kept the squirrels from getting into our bird seed.  In fact, the squirrels have given up and don't even try climbing up to the feeder anymore. We have many small birds in our back yard, especially chickadees who are eating a lot of seed, however, this winter we will not be feeding the squirrels.


Frank and Shirley - Shoreview, Minnesota


"Chickadee sighted on in less than 3 hours"

RollerFeeder caters to small desirable birds only, no squirrels or blackbirds...Put it up in a tree, near the feeding area all ready used..

Chickadee sighted on in less than 3 hours......

Great set of info and directions. You have a class act.

Going to try sunflower hearts, course, the biggest, and see what happens.

Thanks !!

Sonya - Woodstock Vermont



"I love our Rollerfeeder"

RollerFeeder caters to small desirable birds only, no squirrels or blackbirds My name is Brenda and I live in St. Louis, Missouri where both squirrels and birds are easily found in the yard every day.  Our yard faces the woods and so we hung several bird feeders off the edge of the roof overlapping the deck right outside our living room window so we could watch birds eat.  Well, it didn't take long for the squirrels to take  over and gobble up all the bird food every day.  Not to  mention that the squirrels made a terrible mess spilling seeds onto the  deck, climbed the screen on the window and drove our dog nuts trying to get the squirrels through the window.  We tried everything to keep the squirrels out of the bird feeders.  I fed the squirrels in the yard hoping to keep them off the deck...but no luck.  Until we got the Rollerfeeder!  We have had it since December 1998 and have never seen a squirrel be able to get in it or get food out of it.  No crows or larger birds either.  Many times we have seen squirrels trying to get in the Rollerfeeder, but every time they even get close...whoosh... they fall right off.  The feeder just spins around making the squirrel fall off.  They learn quick too and give up and don't bother with it any more.  The chickadees love it and so do many other birds.  I don't know the names of all the birds that visit the Rollerfeeder, but it is the smaller birds that get "bullied" by the larger birds on regular feeders.  The larger birds can't get food out of the Rollerfeeder because they are too heavy and it rolls them off just at the squirrels.  I love our Rollerfeeder and would definitely recommend it to anyone.  


Sincerely,  Brenda M.    St. Louis, Missouri


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