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Original RollerFeeder - 1998

Chickadee landing on rf2-cardinal-clear-ss squirrel proof rollerfeeder

RollerFeeder II - 2002 RollerFeeder II See thru - 2003/04

RF2-SS-Grn & Red 2005 model  2006 Cardinal friendly model

2009/2017 for both gray & red squirrels - Cardinal friendly



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Like most people,  we started feeding birds as a hobby and something for the kids to enjoy.   It was easy and gratifying at first, just buy or build a simple storage type feeder, hang it, and fill with seed.  It was nice in the morning to see the chickadees and other small birds visit.  


RollerFeeder II, squirrel proof bird feeder.It wasn’t until later (about 2 days) when the problems started.  First, squirrels emptied it daily and kept clinging on the feeder keeping the smaller birds away.  Then, blackbirds, starlings and house sparrows started to come around, adding to the disruption and competing for food with the small birds, they were as bad as squirrels. Our pleasant and brief bird watching experience soon became a circus with squirrels running around everywhere and nuisance birds in the yard. 


I thought of the RollerFeeder after reading an article about someone who had the typical problems and used a cable strung between two trees. On both sides of the feeder, they placed several plastic bottles that would spin when a squirrel tried to access the feeder.  It was clever but not something most peoplerollerfeeder rf2-ss-forest green would want in the yard, including us.  The setup also seemed to be a hazard with a thin line, and fell short by not considering large nuisance bird problems, and squirrels can jump a long distance.  I started on our own design incorporating the rotational bottle concept and seed container...all-in-one.  After some time in the basement shop and a few prototypes, the first RollerFeeder came to be, the Classic model.  (shown at top of page)

Some of the design criteria used are listed below.  The list includes features we (family included) thought were important based on the all problems we had.

  • A birdfeeder for small-mid size songbirds that find itrollerfeeder rf2-ss-red difficult competing for food with larger birds & squirrels.

  • A feeder we can locate where we want to view birds, like a tree limb or pole, and not based on distance from trees or structures.  

  • A feeder that is a self-contained solution, not a feeder plus XYZ products or unsightly contraption. 

  • A traditional looking design with quality appeal.

  • Keep birds open to viewing.      

  • A feeder you can use the best birdseed for attracting native songbirds, black oil sunflower or high grade mixed seed.

  • A birdfeeder that will prevent other animals besides squirrels from feeding. RollerFeeder Rf2-GS-Grn

  • No large birds like Starlings, Blackbirds, or others pesky birds that deter small birds from coming around.

  • A feeder that is made of long lasting materials.

  • A feeder that is highly damage resistant by animals.  

  • A feeder that is a mechanical solution not requiring electricity or batteries.

From our experience and testing, our new "Rolling" bird feeder included all the criteria above with some added entertainmentRf2-Cardinal Clear Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder by RollerFeeder value.  At first, squirrels tried  to get to the seed often, but now just occasionally, and it's humorous to see when they try. 

If you do end up buying a rolling bird feeder, we want to first say thank you, and second, my family and I sincerely hope you enjoy it as much as we have. After all, its the little things (birds) in life that are the most enjoyable.

About Us

Rf - Since 1998

Top of Page is the original maker and patent holder of the RollerFeeder, which is a squirrel proof bird feeder that uses a squirrel to roll itself off the feeder.  We are located in Saint Paul Minnesota and our business focus is using high quality materials, adding value with built-in features, fast customer service/shipping, and above all solving bird feeder problems, small or large.  The inventor & owner still operates the business and designs the latest models shown on our website.  

In addition to squirrels and large nuisance birds, the Rollerfeeder and accessories are designed to thwart animals typically not mentioned including deer, raccoons, possum and small red or pine squirrels & chipmunks.  Common bird feeder & bird feeding annoyances we address include: 1. Incorporating a built in rain-proof all weather housing  2. Tough spinning housing to deflect squirrel-impacts & prevent seed from spilling out of the feeder. 3. Easy filling without caps, covers, or hinges. 4. Built in seed-catcher reducing seed mess on the ground.  5. And, using a squirrel as the power source to spin Rollerfeeder instead of batteries or motors.  All features mentioned are intended to save on common accessories sold in stores, save on bird seed, provide squirrel entertainment without batteries or motors, and provide a user friendly design.

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Chickadee landing on rf2-cardinal-clear-ss squirrel proof rollerfeeder

2017 Models - Cardinal friendly

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