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Customer letter to Outdoor Life Column Writer 

DIY (do it yourself) homemade squirrel proof feeder 

Daily Freeman


E-mailed to Rollerfeeder 

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" To finally solve the problem...we purchased a Rollerfeeder"

Hi Bob,

Thanks for writing the entertaining and informing columns for the Daily Freeman. I am looking forward to this week's column about squirrels at bird feeders.

Being retired and having lots of woodworking tools, I decided to help Home made diy squirrel proof bird feeder, almost.
the birds by making bird feeders for my friends and children. 
Unfortunately, they were not squirrel proof. So I used about 300 nails 
to prevent the squirrels from landing on the feeders. But I found out 
soon that that was a waste of nails. (See attached photo.) 

We also tried red pepper in the bird feed, which apparently attracted 
the cute, but ferocious, red squirrels. 

                   Don't try this at Home!

To finally solve the problem, we purchased a RollerFeeder. It was 
entertaining at the beginning to watch the squirrels fall off. In fact, 
one of our children suggested to locate a barrel with piranhas 
underneath the feeder to solve the problem once and for all. But that 
was not necessary, since the squirrels are smart: They learned quickly 
that the RollerFeeder was beyond their reach. The RollerFeeders 
eliminated squirrel problems and our feed consumption has been cut in 

By the way, our local grocer, Adams Market, gives away free suet. (If 
it is not on display, one might have to ask for it.) To keep it away 
from squirrels, I hang it on a 5 inch (being a former science teacher, I 
should use metric measurements and say 12 cm) wire, which puts it out of reach for our squirrels.

Sincerely, W. Carl



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