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The Squirrel Ring Squirrel Feeder

Squirrels Roll around on the ring for the corn feed

Helps keep 'em from "Squirrel-Ring"  around in your feeders.


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30 sec. roll, spin, click squirrel for large photos of 2012 models & squirrel flip video

Common Squirrel Antics - Feeder spins, squirrel flips off 

and lands safely.  Rollerfeeder returns to feeding position.


" The ONLY feeder that my aggressive squirrels cannot get into! "

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squirrel on ring

Squirrel ring squirrel feeder by rollerfeeder

squirrels looping around on ring
Squirrels either perch on ring to feed or hang off corn. Comes with one corn hook, easy snap clip holds 2 corn hooks.   Squirrel does a Loop-D-Loop on ring to get to the corn.

Squirrel-Ring Features


  • Chew Proof Squirrel feeder, heavy duty steel 18" ring - Durable finish, comes complete with one corn hook and quick snap (for easy corn replacement). Accommodates 2 hooks.

  • Keeps Squirrels Busy - Watch their amusing acrobatics on the spinning ring followed by a corn cob reward.

  • Corn Lasts Longer than stationary corn squirrel feeders - Mobile design keeps squirrels from eating feed all at once.

  • Versatile - Adapts for corn, suet cages for birds, or other wildlife treats. Great for Blue Jays too.

  • Easy to Hang - hang almost anywhere with wire, rope, etc. 

Great for Blue Jays too.

squirrel perching on ring to feed

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