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  RollerFeeder caters to small desirable birds.

Shade Grown Bird Friendly Coffee

Drinking Shade Grown Coffee is Environmentally

 Friendly & Juan Ana saves you money - read why below.

Juan Ana Shade Grown Coffee

"Juan Ana Cafe"

Organic Shade Grown Coffee

Packed in air tight cellophane, inside authentic coffee sack. 

  • No person, institution, or company (including RollerFeeder) profits from the coffee other than the farmers living in the mountains of Guatemala. It is a Mission-sponsored program and the coffee is distributed  by 2 volunteers living in New Ulm -   Go to > How To Order


Why buy  "Bird-Friendly" Juan Ana Cafe... Because


Shade Grown coffee creates a big incentive to grow & maintain forest trees in South America,  read on....


You get great coffee at farmer price, forest and tree land is preserved, farmers get paid a fair price and there is a huge incentive to keep growing coffee under forest canopies or shade trees, which in turn benefits migratory birds and other animals.   


Shade Coffee is not a brand name but a method of growing coffee that is far superior in quality than sun grown coffee.  Sun grown coffee promotes deforestation in Latin America and the Caribbean.  Shade grown coffee consists of Arabica beans which takes longer for beans to ripen for harvest, the coffee is rich, and smoother tasting.  Imagine the best cup of coffee you ever had, it was likely Shade Grown coffee, it is grown without fertilizers, chemicals, or pesticides.


Shade Coffee is grown under tree shade (canopies) without cutting down vast areas of forest and maintains migratory bird patterns between North and South America. Arabica coffee beans grow better and richer in the shade.


Mayan Indian Farmers get paid the full $5 a Pound (it is actually 17 ounces), nobody else makes money, including us.  It is managed through a New Ulm Minnesota sponsored mission and distributed & mailed by 2 volunteers.


Mayan farmers and other farmers profit is 2-3 times that of other coffee bean farming crops improving their standard of living so there is a huge incentive to keep growing Shade Coffee, also keeping the forest and wildlife healthy.


Shade grown coffee is organic and grown in natural fertile soil.

Migratory birds win, farmers win, trees and forest land wins, the ecology wins, and you win with great tasting Shade Grown Coffee at a very reasonable price. We do not profit in any way.  Order below.


Link to more in-depth articles about 

Shade Grown Coffee


The Atlantic 


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Now Search online for Juan Ana Cafe Coffee.



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