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Literally, a squirrel proof bird feeder revolution, since 1998.

Designed with songbirds in mind.



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. Since 1998, 

RollerFeeder vs. Yankee Flipper

Rolling Mechanics or Motor & Battery Powered Spinning Perch

Squirrel click squirrel for large photos of 2012 models powered

30 second roll, spin, and squirrel flip rollerfeeder video.


100s of Owner Squirrel Testimonials


                                         Squirrel Rolling Click Photo                            Motor/Bat. Tube Feeder    RollerFeeder squirrel proof bird feeder, green.  click for more information

Squirrel rolling off rollerfeeder using itself as the power source.       




Best Seller





Motor & Battery Feeder $100.00 +


No Cost

It Rolls using 

everlasting squirrel-power. No power supply warranty needed.

Battery Cost & 

battery warranty

Ongoing charging cost.

Replacement Batteries

$19.99 (old model)

 $45 NiCad "Power Stick" 

(new model)

1 Year Warrantee on Battery Pack,  Motor, & Charger.


No monitoring of useful

operation required. 

It Rolls 24/7/365



& Monitoring Useful Charge-Life

Monitoring useful charge-life of batteries required, or if they 

fail/drain, it stops spinning. Battery performance & longevity is compromised in very cold temperatures, heavy squirrel use, large animals like raccoons, or incorrectly charging.


It Rolls 24/7/365.

Under any conditions.

Ongoing Charging Time & Maintenance

Exact Directions (from website).

(first take down feeder) Recharge for at least 14 hours, but not more than 24 hours. Repeated undercharging can result in a battery condition known as "memory" to occur. Overcharging can damage the batteries resulting in shortened battery life.

Built to last a lifetime.

Passive squirrel rolling design has

no ongoing environmental 

impact & is harmless to squirrels.


Green Design

Built to last

Ongoing charging.

When no longer useful, NiCad batteries require disposal by appropriate local hazardous 

waste center.


Features, Function, Construction, Misc.

Earth Friendly Passive 

Squirrel powered rolling. Patented design rolls squirrels harmlessly to the ground or befuddles them 

until they give up. 

Type of Energy & Mechanics 


Man-made Motor & Battery that eventually needs replacement using earth resources & money to buy.

16 Seed Access Openings

Double sided full width 8" horizontal trays.  7" x 2 1/2" stainless mesh sides.  

Bird Seed Access

4 ports

2 Sections full width 9"

2 Sections 4" 

3-Tiered designed for small, medium, and cardinal size birds.


Approx 6" diameter round

perch - same height.


Reversible Anti-Starling perches provide double defense against the most problematic Starling environments.

Reversible Perches



Battery & Motor feeder has a fixed 1 position perch that allows Starlings to feed.

2 Quarts Keeps Seed

fresh moving through feeder.

Seed Capacity

4 Quarts


Side to Side Breeze flows around inside of feeder housing & through the sides of the stainless steel mesh tray hopper....keeping seed fresh.

Air Circulation 

for seed


Seed is encased in solid plastic tube with 4 seed ports at the bottom, and tightly fit metal cap on top. 

Double Sided

Identical on both sides.

Feeding Sides



Plastic Used



Rigid Aluminum Sides, Zinc Coated Steel Surround, 

Stainless & Steel Hopper.  

Metal Used

Zinc Cast Metal

Powder Coating


Powder Coating


Built-in rain proof & snow

All Weather Housing. Effective 

against even strong sideward rain.

No extras needed.

All Weather Protection


Extra cost - dome needed to prevent rain & snow from entering seed ports....also known as "seed port clogging".  Low exposed seed ports.

Rotate housing 90 degrees, pour seed in generous hopper opening, 

then let go. 

Designed without caps, covers, hinges, or locking clips 

to deal with.

Seed Filling

Unlock cap and remove, lift cap up, while holding cap pour seed in through round tube opening. Reinstall & lock cap to prevent squirrel removal.

Seed hopper is bolted to axle and isolated from squirrel disruption while the housing freely rotates around, keeping seed intact.

Squirrels Spilling Seed

When squirrels disrupt the feeder body, and during the motorized spinning cycle, seed inside the container is directly 

disrupted/shaken during 

the squirrel event.

Squirrels either roll off or are befuddled as they climb or jump on the feeder housing.  Duration of squirrel attempts vary from a few seconds to a minute or so when rolling around on the feeder housing.  Every attempt is different keeping Rollerfeeder humorous & interesting to watch.



(Fun factor)

Squirrels get spun off in a similar fashion when grabbing the motorized perch. Duration of each squirrel attempt is typically a few seconds of activity.


Squirrels, Birds, & Other Animals

 Owner Testimonials



All the time, no matter what.

Prevents Gray Squirrels


Dependent on charge 

level of battery.


RF rolls & tilts under the weight of large nuisance birds making it difficult for them to land or perch at a 45 degree angle.  Perches are also reversible for extra tough Starling problems.

Prevents larger 

nuisance birds like black birds, starlings, grackles, etc.


Battery & Motor feeder allows larger nuisance birds like blackbirds, starlings, and grackles to land and feed.


We have our own page on house sparrow problems and how to solve them using a Rollerfeeder.

House Sparrow Problems.

(English Sparrows)


No mention of House Sparrows in the product literature.


Rf2-cardinal models also allow red bellied woodpeckers to cling on & feed

Accommodates desirable

Chickadee to Cardinal size birds.



RF rolls & works the same for large animals as it does for squirrels. Approximately 25-30% of orders are due to customers large animal problems like raccoons, deer, and possum.


Large Animals 

Raccoons, Possum, Deer


Heavy weight engaging the rotating perch/motor (designed for lighter weight squirrels) compromises the effectiveness of the motor & useful charge-life of the batteries.


The hardest of all squirrels to keep out of bird feeders.

Prevents Small Red/Pine Squirrels


Battery & Motor feeder allows small squirrels like red or pine squirrel to feed.


Product & Squirrel Proof Warranty

 Owner Testimonials


Lifetime Housing Guarantee

Product Warranty

Lifetime Housing

1 Year on "Power Stick", motor, and battery charger.

 $45 NiCad "Power Stick" replacement charger


Squirrel Proof Guaranteed spelled out in detail.

Squirrel Proof Guaranteed?

"Squirrel Proof"

posted on website, absent of any detail or mention of a squirrel proof guarantee or squirrel size/type like small red/pine squirrels.

RollerFeeder squirrel proof bird feeder, green.  click for more informationRollerFeeder squirrel proof bird feeder, red.  click for more information


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 100s of Owner Testimonials


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