Roof cling ridge


Chickadee to Cardinal

2018 Rolling Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders & Best Sellers

Squirrel-Proofing & Made in America since 1998.

chickadeeCardinal Friendly RollerFeeder

Simple filling 

Without caps, covers, hinges, or  locking clips. 

Rotate housing & pour seed in hopper, then let go.

  white-breasted nuthatch upside down on rollerfeeder  Downy or hairy woodpecker landing on cling ridge

Adjustable Stainless Cling-Rridge

for nuthatches & woodpeckers.


Naturalist & Wildlife Author

Dr. Scott Shalaway. "My favorite feeders"

"...An ingenious mechanical design that frustrates hungryHouse Finch and Goldfinch feeding

 squirrels and leaves behind the food for the birds. The design  is elegantly simple -- an easy to fill hopper is surrounded by a freely rotating outer shell. The hopper is stationary, but when a squirrel lands on the outer shell the squirrel's own weight  spins the squirrel harmlessly to the ground."

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Read Owner Testimonials Squirrel logo or Squirrel Rolling 

"It's actually un-American and flies in the face of holy capitalism, RollerFeeders don't abide by the rule of planned obsolescence

and actually do what they say..."

Pamela - Canaan, Connecticut

"Originally found you on Google - When I saw the quality of the one I just received I simply had to order another. Thank you."

Haven - Howard, Pennsylvania


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100% Made In The U.S.A. , Since 1998.

Hang right in a tree with branches all around - without squirrel worry!


"These people that make this should take over the US government and

show em how to do it RIGHT! It's just plain n simple.....It works!!!!
Some of the best engineering right here in the good old USA!!!!!
Luv our two feeders! It's 4 da birds! Literally !!!"

Larry - Hampshire, Illinois


" Best anti-depressant I've ever used. 

Keeps me smiling every time I look out the window."

Joseph - Deptford, New Jersey

**** New Premium Wire Finishes ****

All darker wire feeders are now Satin-Black

and a new "Copper-Gold" wire finish, see links below.

*** "Black-Capped Chickadee Black" w/UV Topcoat - New Black Satin Finish Here

*** "Goldfinch Copper-Gold Iridescent" - New Copper-Gold Iridescent Finish Here

1 of 6 Models

All-Weather, Double-Sided.

Extra-duty stainless & steel hopper, Dual tray & mesh feeding.

model Rf2-Cardinal-grn-gold RollerFeeder.

Best-Seller, Best Buy

2018 Model: RF2-Cardinal-Grn-Gold

Rolling squirrel proof bird feeder.

Rollerfeeder order here page or checkout with paypal

Reg. $94.95 Tax 82.94 USD incl except MN


~ Lifetime Grey Squirrel Proof ~ 

 Lifetime squirrel indestructible housing. 

Lifetime housing construction.

OK for small Red/Pine squirrels too.


Built-in weather/roof enclosure 

male & female finch feeding from rollerfeeder

2 of 6         

All-Weather, Double-Sided.

Polycarbonate 2-sided full length hopper - tray feeding.

Now with  indestructible steel seed tray cover.

RollerFeeder Rf2-cardinal-clear-grn-gold model

3 of 6 New

Same as above feeder with Satin Black wire.

Model RF2-Cardinal-Clear-Grn-Black


#2 2018 Model:  RF2-Cardinal-Clear-Grn-Gold


#3 2018 Model: RF2-Cardinal-Clear-Grn-Black

Squirrel proof feeder (rolling).

Rollerfeeder order here page  or checkout with paypal

Reg $99.95 Tax 86.94 USD incl. except MN


Chickadee and goldfinch feeding at rollerfeeder.

Same guarantee as feeder #1

OK for small Red/Pine squirrels too.

red squirrel

4 of 6        

All-Weather, Double-Sided.

Polycarbonate 2-sided full length hopper - tray feeding.

Now with  chew proof steel seed tray cover.

RollerFeeder Model Rf2-Cardinal-Clear-Red-Gold

2018 Model: RF2-Cardinal-Clear-Red-Gold

Squirrel proof feeder (rolling).

Rollerfeeder order here page or  checkout with paypal

Reg $104.95 Tax 91.94 USD incl. except MN

American goldfinch perching

Same guarantee as feeder #1.

OK for small Red/Pine squirrels too.

red squirrel

5 of 6            

All-Weather, Double-Sided.

Extra-duty stainless & steel hopper, Dual tray & mesh feeding.

RollerFeeder model Rf2-Cardinal-Red-Gold

2018 Model: RF2-Cardinal-Red-Gold

Rolling squirrel proof bird feeder.

Rollerfeeder order here page or  checkout with paypal

Reg. $104.95 Tax 92.64 USD incl. except MN

Nuthatch perching at rollerfeeder.

Same guarantee as feeder #1.

OK for small Red/Pine squirrels too.

red squirrel

6 of 6     

All-Weather, Double-Sided.

Extra-duty stainless & steel hopper, Dual tray & mesh feeding.

RollerFeeder, rf2-cardinal-T2grn-RedSq for small red squirrels


Same as feeder #1 with 2-tone forest & satin black finish.

Quicker Ready-to-Ship 2-3 days.

 2018 Model: RF2-Cardinal-2Tgrn-RedSq

Rolling squirrel proof bird feeder.

Rollerfeeder order here page  or  checkout with paypal

Reg $94.95 Tax 83.94 USD incl except MN



Built-in weather/roof enclosure 

keeps seed 100% rain-free & birds 

sheltered without Costly Domes.

Weather roof enclosure keeps seed dry and birds covered without a costly dome.

~ Lifetime Grey Squirrel Proof ~ 

 Lifetime squirrel indestructible housing. 

Lifetime housing construction.

OK for small Red/Pine squirrels too.

red squirrel

 2018 RollerFeeder, Since 1998

100% Made In The U.S.A.

All Parts & Assembly. Our 20th Year.

~ Lifetime housing construction ~

  • Guaranteed gray squirrel-proof (or any similar size squirrel). Effective against larger animals like Possum, Raccoons, and Deer with appropriate placement of feeder. 

  • chickadeeCardinal Friendly RollerFeederAccommodates bothvisiting chickadee on rollerfeeder perching & clinging styles of feeding by desirable birds Bird Sizes Chickadee up to and including Cardinals, and Woodpeckers too. Complete bird list bottom of page.

  • defeats large nuisance birdsdefeats large nuisance birdsRotates & tilts under the weight ofred-bellied woodpecker on rollerfeeder Large Nuisance birds: blackbirds, starlings, pigeons, crows, grackles, and other problem birds while allowing desirable large red-bellied & other woodpeckers to cling-on and feed. Grackle and Crow proof.

  • Uses premium birdseed to attract the bestPremium seed cardinal mix - see feeding tips birds, 100% whole sunflower kernels or premium cardinal mix. No need for less appealing substitutes to deter feeder pests. Approx. 2-3/4 lbs using sunflower hearts & extra capacity hopper.

  • Battery & Motor Free 360 degreeClick for larger view - Rollerfeeder spinning squirrel off feeder. mechanical rolling safely dislodges & befuddles squirrels using the squirrel itself, 24/7/365...never requiring battery monitoring, charging, or battery exchange.  Squirrel spinning entertainment - no power required ever.

  • Built-in rain proof & snow all-weather housing keeps seed dry year-round without unsightly add-ons or added cost. all-weather rain proof snow resistant design. Precise roof angle eliminates "Seed-Port-Clogging" or wet seed trays common with conventional tube & platform feeders. Stainless mesh hopper models enhances side-to-side air circulation for maximum seed freshness.

  • Sensitive & passive self-balancingno springs batteries, motors or other hardware/gadgets to break. rotating mechanics absent of frequently used springs, levers, cables, spring-loaded dropping shrouds, shocking, full wire/cage surrounds, batteries, motors, or combination of hardware.

  • Easy filling without caps, covers, plates, hinges, or locking clips of any kind  - rotate housing 90 degrees and pour seed in hopper, then let go.

  • Spinning housing absorbs squirrel impact & disruption preventing seed spillage:Squirrel spins, seed stays intact during disruption. Click for larger view Unlike a squirrel hitting or climbing on a simple seed container ejecting seed from the ports, the Rf spinning housing deflects & absorbs the squirrel disruption to the seed container itself, preventing seed spillage. The seed hopper is bolted in a fixed position and isolated internally from the squirrel event while it spins. 

  • Double sided & dual purpose hopper. Two full length seed trays, stainless mesh sides, 16 access openings, and double 3 tiered perches provides generous seed access for varied size birds.

  • Hang in location where you prefer to seesquirrel rolling off, hang rollerfeeder anywhere the birds, and where birds like to feed from. Inside a tree, close proximity to branches, bushes, feeder poles, landscaping structures etc. without worry. 

  • Built extra-duty yet elegantTwo goldfinches on rollerfeeder construction, with lifetime housing & squirrel indestructible housing  guarantee: Multi-level bird perches.  Rust-proof rigid aluminum sides with high UV stable powder coating finish, polycarbonate roof, heavy-duty stainless & galv. steel tray/mesh hopper or medium duty polycarbonate hopper.

Top of Rollerfeeder hanger.

Top of Rollerfeeder hanger, single point hanger.


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Femail cardinal perching and visiting rollerfeeder.

Female Cardinal






Visiting Chickadee and Finches.

Chickadee and house finches feeding from rollerfeeder

Seed: black-oil sunflower, whole sunflower 

kernels, and safflower.






Hand & machine crafted since 1998.      

Hand & machine crafted since 1998 by Rollerfeeder USA

Model: Rf2-cardinal-clear-grn-gold







Finches & approaching Chickadee. 

Black capped chickadee and goldfinch feeding

All models double sided.


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Hang Inches from 

Branch or Pole Without Worry. 

Failed squirrel attempt by tilting rollerfeeder housing.

 Seed Stays in Hopper During 

Squirrel Attempt.








Female Cardinal on Rollerfeeder

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Patented Rolling Mechanics

Seed Hopper is Bolted & Secured 

To Axle.  Seed Hopper Doesn't Turn.

Rollerfeeder rolling squirrel off during winter.

Tough Housing Rolls Squirrels around Seed Hopper when they jump on, Bird 

Seed Doesn't Spill.



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Guaranteed squirrel proof without using:

Springs, Levers, Cables, Spring-loaded Dropping Shrouds, Shocking Elements, BatteriesMotors, or other combination of hardware that can wear out.

All models made and assembled in USA - white breasted nuthatch enjoying a meal on rollerfeeder


Owner Video - Testimonial

" I finally found bird feeders that are totally squirrel proof! Even with all the branches 

and things to hold on to, they still cannot get to the seeds. Here's one of the 3 squirrels 

that visit my feeders daily. He's no longer able to eat from the feeders directly. They 

used to empty my feeders in a day. Now they can only eat from the seed catchers. "




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Denotes what Animals RF2-Cardinal prevents. 

Small Size Animals

Prevalent Red/Pine squirrels

Medium Size Animals

Grey/Fox Squirrels, Brown & Black Squirrels etc.

Large Size Animals

Possum, Deer, Raccoons.


Large Nuisance Birds Starlings, Blackbirds, Grackles, Pigeons etc.

red squirrel

Lifetime grey squirrel proof

Large animal effective with appropriate placement.

Tilts on large nuisance birds

or see

RF2 Red Squirrel 

(stainless & steel hopper best)


Diane - Stone Mountain, Georgia

testimonials logo" My cardinals are the first and theFemaile cardinal, customer photo. last at the feeder every day. I also have chickadees, Titmice, Nuthatch and brown headed nuthatch, wrens, sparrows, finches, red breasted, woodpeckers, and downy woodpeckers. I've lost the eastern bluebird-although might have gone north, the thrasher makes a valiant attempt kind of hanging.

 Partial albino finch.

partial albino finch and house finch on rollerfeeder

Birds rollerfeeder caters to: chickadees, finches, nuthatches, bluebirds, small woodpeckers, pine siskin, tufted titmouse, goldfinch, cardinals

Male and female house finch perching on rollerfeeder.

chickadee photos perching

Goldfinch photos perching Red Bellied woodpecker feeding from rollerfeeder.

Finch & chickadee on rf2-cardinal Chickadees on both sides of rollerfeeder

Accommodates both clinging & perching styles of feeding birds... Chickadees, nuthatches, 

tufted titmouse, goldfinch, purple finch, other finch varieties, small-medium-large 

woodpeckers, pine siskin, bluebirds, and Cardinals.

FedEx ground shipping. 


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Squirrel Rolling/Spinning Mechanics


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