One of many squirrel attempts.


 All weather rain & snow.

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New Features - Classic Model

chickadeeup to Cardinal Friendly RollerFeeder

See this model with Lexan seed hopper

~ Lifetime rust proof rigid aluminum housing ~

 RollerFeeder 2006 Rf2-SS-Grn Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder with stainless roof edging.

Guaranteed squirrel proof  ~ Prevents large nuisance birds

Prevents small red/pine squirrels with 

small animal accessory.


Rf2 SS Grn

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Reg $76.95 Tax $68.94 incl.

  Discontinued - please see 2017 models

Extra-Duty Grid Accessory

Sized for small red/pine squirrels & above

or medium size & above animals.


"Extra-duty"model same as above model (large photo) shown with Optional Grid Accessory.  Recommended  for the toughest squirrel environments or larger animals like raccoons/possum/deer.  Accessory also sized for hard to beat small red/pine squirrels.  Easily defeats the most problematic squirrels, guaranteed 100% effective.  Used with metal pan bottom models.



  • Rust Proof Aluminum  Housing: High Strength 5052-H32 Rigid Aluminum Alloy, Used in Marine, Trucking & Aircraft industry.

  • Polycarbonate/Lexan All Weather High Impact Roof.  Used in Motorcycle windshields and other high impact applications.

  • Stainless & Galvanized Steel 2-sided mesh/tray hopper. Riveted construction.

  • Single Point Galvanized Steel Hanger extra long so squirrels can't hang down from above.

  • Hardened 6061 Aluminum Alloy Axel.

  • Copper Weight Tube

  • Stainless Steel - rust proof screws.

  • High UV Protective All Weather Textured Powder Coating, by Rohm & Haas Powder Coatings, a Leader in industrial coatings.

  • No-Chew design protected by stainless steel in sensitive areas.

  • Adjustable weight control spinning less or more easily- 8 gram increments.

Since 1998 

Quality Hand & Machine Crafted in U.S.A.

Denotes what Animals RF2-SS model prevents. 

Small Size Animals

Prevalent Red/Pine squirrels

Medium Size Animals

Grey/Fox Squirrels, Brown & Black Squirrels etc.

Large Size Animals

Possum, Deer, Raccoons.


Large Nuisance Birds Starlings, Blackbirds, Grackles, Pigeons etc.

red squirrel

Use Red-squirrel accessory 

or see model

RF2 Red Squirrel 

Optional "Extra-duty" accessory. 

Optional "Extra-duty" accessory. 


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