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Squirrel Proof - Chickadee, Nuthatch, & Finch Bird Feeder 

Designed with songbirds in mind.


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Red Squirrel Proof by RollerFeeder

 for Small Red/Pine Squirrels or Douglas squirrel 

& all Larger Squirrels

Squirrel size is slightly larger 

than a chipmunk.


 Another photo Here

Prevents Small Red/Pine Squirrels & 

All Larger Squirrels, Grey, Black, Brown etc.

Red squirrel proof bird feeder by RollerFeeder, rf2-cardinal-T2grn-RedSq Click for another photo

All RollerFeeder Parts 

& Models Made and Assembled in USA

Double sided, 2 full length seed trays & perches, 16 openings.

2Tone Moss Green & Forest Green lifetime housing.

Accommodates chickadee - cardinal size birds

Based on existing design, 10+ years field tested.

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Best seller


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Reg $94.95 Tax $83.94 incl

Tested 100% effective against adult size pine-squirrels. ~

Guaranteed 100% grey squirrel-proof for life.

Lifetime squirrel indestructible guaranteed. 

Lifetime housing construction.

Most versatile model.

goldfinch and chickadee on rollerfeeder

Great for woodpeckers too.

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 2018 Models  All Models


Any Rf2 model with metal pan bottom 

as shown & small animal accessory.

Zero Tolerance

red squirrel trying desperately to defeat rollerfeeder 2

Red squirrel small animal accessory required, $2.25/set.

Guaranteed 100% effective against extra hard to beat 

small & agile Red Squirrels, AKA Pine Squirrel.

 2018 Models   All Models


  This agile & scrappy Red Squirrel (below) is resting between meals, something he cannot do on a RollerFeeder.  With a RollerFeeder, the entire outer feeder housing spins freely 360 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise dislodging the unwanted visitor or minimally shutting access to the seed trays.  As soon as they climb on the RF2 housing, the entire feeder starts to's not limited to the mechanics of a simple lever. The RollerFeeder easily prevents all other squirrel types like grey & fox squirrels, and larger nuisance birds as well.


More About Red Squirrels below

RollerFeeder, The # 1 Red Squirrel Spoiler!

Photo Courtesy of Soft Media Artisans


See  Squirrel Proof Testimonials 


RollerFeeder II

  • The red squirrel habitat was once mainly rural pine forests, but their population is rapidly expanding into urban areas competing for food with gray & fox squirrels. 

  • Red squirrels are the most difficult of all squirrel types to keep out of bird feeders, even squirrel proof feeders, because they are lighter, much smaller, and extremely agile.

  • The personality of a red squirrel has been described as tenacious as they never seem  to give up.

  • Red squirrels can jump 15 feet or more horizontally from higher tree branches.

  • Red squirrels can easily crawl through small openings.

Footnote:  Pine squirrels are the same as red squirrels

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 2018 Models  All Models

 Another photo Here


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RollerFeeder is red-squirrel proof too.


Quality made in Minnesota, Patented 

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