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Literally, a squirrel proof bird feeder revolution, since 1998.

Designed with songbirds in mind.


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raccoon duty rollerfeeder About RollerFeeder & Raccoons

Lifetime Grey Squirrel-Proof, Raccoon Effective.

"I purchased your Roller Feeder from you a little over a year ago and 

it's absolutely great! No gray squirrels, no red squirrels, 

and finally NO RACCOONS!" full testimonial below.

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Keeping the competition upside-down since 1998.

The most raccoon proof feeder on the market.

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The photo is from one of Rollerfeeder Owner's that has Raccoon problems, in addition to constant grey squirrel problems living near a deep woods area.  The large Raccoon is attempting to defeat the feeder by hanging down from above because if it crawls to the feeder box, Rollerfeeder spins mechanically to dislodge the animal.  The internal seed hopper stays upright while the built-tough double sided housing with perches freely rolls around 360 degrees.  



How to hang  Rollerfeeder for Raccoon problems.

For Raccoons, the Rollerfeeder needs to hang in a location with adequate clearance so that the animal is forced to crawl down from above, this will produce the best results in preventing Raccoons.  Using strong wire or cable, the feeder should hang down 12"-18" or longer from a horizontal line or branch or other horizontal support - this is due to very large raccoons that can be 20-30 lbs and length of 30" or longer.  Make sure the connections from the horizontal member and feeder hanger are tight and secure.


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Recommendation for how to hang a rollerfeeder for raccoon problems.


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Large Raccoon Discouraged



For easy to beat Grey Squirrels you can hang the Rollerfeeder anywhere you want without worry of squirrels defeating it, the same goes for small red squirrels.  Raccoons are many times (100 times) more difficult than squirrels to keep out of bird feeders, correct placement allows it to operate as designed for the most difficult animals.  See also Testimonials Page about squirrels, birds, and other animals.


Raccoon Proof Testimonial 

"and finally No Raccoons!"


I purchased your Roller Feeder from you a little over a year ago and it's absolutely great! No gray squirrels, no red squirrels, and finally NO RACCOONS!

As you can see from this photo, I also purchased a suet feeder with a baffle cage. The chickadees and finches and nuthatches go inside and feed and the woodpeckers have no problem getting their heads inside, and it keeps gray squirrels and raccoons away -- but the damn red squirrels easily get inside and are a real problem.

It would be great if you adapted your Roller Feeder bin for a suet block with a mechanism to somehow snap open or slide open your cage for easy suet access.

Thanks for considering this. I'm sure it would sell! Please let me know if you do re-tool your Roller Feeder for suet. I would be happy to try out the prototype.

Thanks for your great product!

Peter  - Sidney Maine


 Suet Feeder Here > RollerFeeder Squirrel Proof Suet Feeder
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Effective for Raccoons (Steel Hopper Models Best), 

Designed for Chickadees up to and including Cardinals.

All models Double sides with 16 feed slots/openings.



Also prevents very small red/pine squirrels. 



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