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Literally, a squirrel proof bird feeder revolution since 1998

Rollerfeeder  designed with songbirds in mind.


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raccoon duty rollerfeeder Raccoon or "Extra-Duty" RollerFeeder

Designed for songbirds, tough-enough for challenging

wildlife environments. 

2017 Raccoon-Duty Models


Raccoon Testimonial & Photo at RollerFeeder.





~ Steel vertical grid  attachment provides extra-duty protection for  tough animals like raccoons, possum, deer, or other marauding animals - Guaranteed 100% effective against the toughest Fox or Grey squirrel environments.


~ Songbirds easily feed from seed trays or stainless mesh sides 1/2" from perch edge. Use the best premium seed, sunflower mixed with sunflower hearts.


~ Inexpensive accessory & easy to install.  Use only if needed in the most difficult situations, otherwise not required.


 ~ Attractive green powder coat finish fits nicely with design of Rollerfeeder 2.

Raccoon proof rollerfeeder bird feeder.




~ Stainless & galvanized steel  seed hopper, no rust aluminum housing, copper & galvanized components - tough lexan roof.


~ Squirrels rotate humorously on the housing batterry-free.  The design - virtually impenetrable against the toughest squirrel problems and raccoon effective.  


~Small red squirrels also sized for hard to beat small red squirrels and chipmunks, another RF solution to a common problem.


~Easy to fill rotate housing and pour seed through grid into seed hopper - clean a few times a year with garden hose or in tub. 

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~ Birdseed stays intact by protective spinning housing & tightly

designed seed trays.

~ Difficult for any animal to shake seed out  - no open feed ports to spill from.

 ~ No seed port clogging by rain & wind, no extra cover needed.

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2017 Raccoon-Duty Models.

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