Black Capped Chickadee during Minnesota snowfall, April 1 - 2002

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How RollerFeeder Works & Rolls


how rollerfeeder works

Patented counter-balancing feature harmlessly ejects squirrels and helps to prevent loitering. The two-sided seed hopper stays upright while the exterior shell pivots around, keeping the seed intact and the squirrels at bay. Also, heavier birds will tilt the RollerFeeder just enough to prohibit them from feeding from the tray, this unique design is adjustable with weights provided

What's a RollerFeeder?          How does it work?  

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Non Solicited Customer Video - How it Works 

" I receive no benefit, financial or otherwise 

from this recommendation "

" I'm so impressed with the ingenious design, solid construction and squirrel-confounding entertainment that I just wanted to share - but I receive no benefit, financial or otherwise from this recommendation."  

Kathy - Clinton New York



How it Works with Birds

Does not roll or spin with birds - birds feeding on both sides. 



How it Works Spins & Rolls without Spilling Seed

Seed stay intact untouched while the housing spins



What is a RollerFeeder?  

A RollerFeeder is a bird feeder that fully spins in a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction.  The feeder allows small birds to feed while preventing squirrels and large birds from feeding.  The feeder typically hangs directly off a tree limb, tree trunk (or any horizontal extension) and is best for birds such as chickadees, finches, nuthatches, titmice, and other small birds.  When animals such as squirrels, raccoon’s, or large birds climb or land on the feeder, the outer shell, perch, and shaft sleeves spin. The fully rotational design prevents the unwanted visitor from resting or climbing about the feeder, and at the same time, closes off access to the feed ports.  Afterwards, the shell quickly rocks back into feeding position and is ready for the next chickadee to come along.  

How does a RollerFeeder work?

A seed container is bolted to a shaft.  The outer shell spins around the seed container in a clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation. How RollerFeeder Works The shell includes a perch platform, a counter-balance, and a window opening that permits access to the feed ports by small birds. When a rodent animal or large bird climbs or lands on the feeder, the rotating shell dislodges the unwanted visitor and closes access to the seed tray.  



Does it work?


squirrel rolling off rollerfeeder 2The RollerFeeder has been tested and in the field (customer owned) since 1998.  The test sites are located in the northern woods, suburbs, and city environments.  In most cases, the feeder hangs directly from a tree limb or hanger without other squirrel deterrent devices (guards etc.).   RollerFeeder has consistently prevented feeder problems such as rodent animals and birds i.e. Grey squirrels, Red squirrels, Raccoons, Starlings, Blackbirds, etc.   RollerFeeder also has its own on-going test site with three feeders, they hang  in the middle of a large pine tree with several branches nearby to make it easy for squirrels to launch from.  


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