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Bird Feeder & Preventing House or English Sparrows

Prevent house sparrows on RollerFeeder using monofilament line.


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       Male house sparrow shown.

house english sparrowBackground: If you have a lot of sparrows where you live and you feed birds, you might already know, House or "English" Sparrows are a non-native pervasive bird species that invade, and interrupt your favorite native songbirds nesting sites, habitat, and bird feeding stations.  English sparrows (aka HOSP or house sparrow) are very aggressive, high-strung, and in quantity will keep multiplying and take over your backyard environment if food is plentiful.  There are products on the market like magic halo, however our solution uses only a few strands of monofilament line attached to the roof edge corners of the Rollerfeeder costing pennies compared to commercial products.


See also Bird Feeding Tips how to control house sparrows with bird seed.

House English sparrow problems in your bird feeder.


See native songbirds using feeder with lines on Click Here



Monofilament line

  • Using monofilament fishing line is a University tested method of stopping, or vastly reducing house (English) sparrows from using bird feeders, the method can be 99% effective in some cases.

  • Rollerfeeder has tested monofilament line on its products for several years with great success and squirrels don't entangle themselves in the lines or can the line be removed easily.

  • There are after-market products that use monofilament line costing up to $25.  Monofilament fishing line is easily attached to a Rollerfeeder with no added cost, if you have some handy in a fishing tackle box or know someone....also inexpensive to purchase.  

  • It is important to repeat squirrels do not entangle themselves or remove the lines easily using our method.

  • This technique is very inexpensive and does not require using a magic halo type product where squirrels can get tangled in the lines and pull the whole system down.

Works on all RF models.

How to prevent house or English sparrows by using 

monofilament fishing line on a Rollerfeeder.

(Use this technique for difficult house sparrow 

problems, otherwise it is not required)


stopping or preventing house or english sparrows - shows chickadee and sparrow lines on corner of feeder.

Adding lines help prevent houses sparrows up to 99% in 

some cases, native songbirds keep visiting.

  1. Cut 4 pieces of monofilament line approx 9-12" length.

  2. Loosen the 4 edge roof screws nearest to the perch.  Simply loop the ends of the line around the 4 roof screws and let hang outward as shown in photos and illustration, bottom of page.  Or, tie string to stainless steel roof edging.

  3. If you have unmanageable house sparrow problems, make the line a little longer, then tie each end to the 2 roof screws (or roof edge) creating a loose loop (from one roof screw to the other).  Do this on each side of the feeder.  After the sparrow problems subside, cut the line in the middle and let them dangle along the sides of the feeder, as shown in below graphic illustration.

(Use this technique for difficult house sparrow 

problems, otherwise it is not required)

Side view showing sparrow lines attached to corners and house finches using feeder.

Note: Small-medium size birds like chickadees, nuthatches, finches, tufted titmice etc. will adjust quickly and use the feeder, but house sparrows will be dramatically reduced. 

Tip: Also use "black-oil sunflower", avoid inexpensive mixed seed with millet & cracked corn, sparrows don't like to open the sunflower shell.


Photo showing a house finch using the feeder with sparrow lines attached to corners - this replaces a magic halo solution.

Cut monofilament lines 9-12" length, then attach to 4 roof screws.

Illustration showing how to prevent house english sparrows on a rollerfeeder or other bird feeder

Note: You can also tie the lines to the stainless steel roof edge.


Native Songbirds using feeder with lines on & house sparrow nearby watching


RollerFeeder video - House sparrow proof bird feeder: Notice in the beginning of the video, how the MALE HOUSE SPARROW TO THE RIGHT stays away from the feeder because of the monofilament sparrow lines attached to the roof edges - yet OTHER SONGBIRDS have no problem with the lines. The monofilament SPARROW LINES cut down sparrow traffic as high as 95% or more and are very easy to attach. This technique will cut down invasive birds such as the house sparrow and leave the feeder more open to desirable native songbirds. This technique is not 100% effective but is very effective and will change your feeder activity greatly with more quality birds. 


How Rollerfeeder Rolls on Squirrels

Short squirrel rolling video and photos.

Rollerfeeder also prevents larger blackbirds, pigeons, doves, 

crows, and other larger nuisance birds that visit 

bird feeders and pilfer seed.





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