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U.S. Shipping Map & Canada/UK Orders

Shipping to physical home, business, or alternate addresses.


2017 Rollerfeeders   Canada/United Kingdom Orders



Rollerfeeder U.S, shipping map

Shipping to International Addresses

Canada & United Kingdom


2 Options for International Orders.  

Standard shipping is to Continental U.S. physical addresses.


Option 1:  Ship to a friend, relative, or package forwarding service in the U.S. and then have them forward the package to your address. See fees below.

  • Service Fee: $5 service fee to cover higher credit card fees, and extra packaging materials.

  • Shipping: Standard $9.75 shipping fee to U.S. Continental destinations.

  • Fuel charge: $3 Outer area fuel surcharge if applicable.  Fuel surcharge applies to delivery locations outside of the outer-freeway systems surrounding cities.  Also locations to smaller towns and rural areas. 

Option 2 no longer available: Rollerfeeder ships the package to your International destination.  See fees below.


Fees Cover One Rollerfeeder

  • Canada: Minimum $45.00 flat rate to Canada via USPS Priority Air Mail - if the shipping amount exceeds $45.00, the higher amount will be used for shipping charges.

  • United Kingdom: Minimum $55.00 flat rate to United Kingdom via USPS Priority Air Mail - if the amount exceeds $55.00, the higher amount will be used for shipping charges.

  • Handling Fees: $15.00 Service and Handling fee for below items.

  1. Special packaging.

  2. Special one-time non-standard trip to Post Office covers travel time both ways, fuel, and time waiting in line to ship package.

  3. Additional non-standard paperwork.

  4. Insurance fees.

  5. Higher credit card fees for International credit.

RollerFeeder waiver

  1. Buyer is responsible for any duty fees charged by the postal service and customs issues at the destination address.

  2. RollerFeeder waives any responsibility (financial or otherwise) after the package has shipped from our location to the shipping address you specify.

  3. Rollerfeeder is not responsible for lost/stolen/damaged international shipped merchandise - insurance fees and signed packages are optional.

One Feeder Package Size & Weight

  • Package Dimension 18"x12"x12"  (45.8 x 30.5 x 30.5 Centimeters) 

  • Package Weight 6.5 lbs  (2.95 Kilograms)

Canada Unied Kingdom shipping map




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