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Literally, a squirrel proof bird feeder revolution, since 1998.



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RF Features "Seed Basin & Filling"

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Built-in hidden seed catcher basin & simple filling. Includes simple seed-scoop solution.


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RF Built-in Hidden Seed Catcher.

This Model no longer available - See 2013 Model Best Sellers

RollerFeeder seed basin & filling

Guaranteed squirrel proof solution

  • RF2-SS models include built-in seed catcher basin hidden/out of sight in bottom portion of feeder housing. Rotate & discard spent seed shells each time you fill.

  • Simple filling, no covers, caps, hinges or other mechanism to unlatch or animal to figure out, just rotate feeder and pour seed through housing opening.

  • Free seed-scoop solution included, no need to purchase a scoop.







Seed Catchers & Filling






  • Unlatching/unlocking cap, cover, hinge or other, handling extra part before filling.

  • Seed catchers typically added expense or unavailable. Open seed catchers grab-on or landing site for squirrel.

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