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Literally, a squirrel proof bird feeder revolution, since 1998.



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Rollerfeeder 100% "Rain-poof bird feeder"

5 Built-In Features  |  3+ Less Products |  Battery Free  |  Squirrel Free Guaranteed

Besides squirrels & nuisance birds, wet seed is a bird feeders worst enemy.


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Rollerfeeder Built-in Weather-shelter - Total 100% Rain Effective.

TESTIMONIAL: "Three days of pretty much continuous rain here in north

Florida and our birds are swarming both feeders where all the dry food is.

I filled both feeders yesterday morning and they will be empty by this

afternoon. I can't believe we originally were concerned that the birds may

not come. Your suggestion about the plastic hopper for the red feeder was

right on. Excellent feeders and great entertainment...the birds say thank you! "

Joe in Florida



Dry seed with no added cost.

Guaranteed squirrel proof solution

  • Built-in polycarbonate 100% rain-roof eliminates the need for extra cost rain domes.

  • Protects against rain even in stormy weather at a sharp angle.

  • Air flows side to side thru stainless steel mesh keeping seed dry, no condensation build-up.


Added rain dish or dome = added cost.

Rain Dome not required 

Saves $15.00-$30 or more.

Typical bird feeder rain dome or cover protection


  • Saves added cost from $15-$30 or more.

  • Dome provides limited angle of rain/weather protection.

  • Exposed seed ports/openings near middle or bottom during windy rain conditions.


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