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Literally, a squirrel proof bird feeder revolution, since 1998.



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Other features.

Unique to Rf, Interchangeable parts allow easy 

conversion from one model to another for future flexibility.

  • Best Birdseed: Use the best seed to attract the best songbirds, sunflower or sunflower hearts - no need to compromise and use "Safflower" or "Spiced Seed" to deter squirrels.

  • Dishwasher Self-Cleaning: Spray out with garden hose - the spinning internal seed hopper acts like a dishwasher, or tub wash, or disassemble using a Phillips screw driver for a thorough cleaning.

  • Stops Squirrels & Nuisance Birds: Designed to stop both small & large squirrels, unusual animals like possum, and other problem animals, as well as large nuisance birds. Technique to reduce house or English sparrows.


  • Durable Housing: Made of rigid rust proof aluminum (used in marine, trucking & aircraft industry) with durable powder coating, weather & UV resistant finish.  Seed hopper made of galvanized and stainless steel.

  • Built to Last: RF is built to last, with lifetime warranty on aluminum housing. 

  • Pole Baffles, external guards, or other after-market widgets not required.

  • Payback built-in features add immediate value; Ongoing seed saving. from guaranteed squirrel proof design

  • Sanitary design keeps birds out of the feeding & seed area.





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