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Literally, a squirrel proof bird feeder revolution, since 1998.





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Features Motor and Battery Free 

5 Built-In Features  |  3+ Less Products |  Battery Free  |  Squirrel Free Guaranteed

Humorous squirrel antics without batteries, power driven motors, or charging.


Batterries & MotorsRain Roof Outer Housing Dual PurposeSeed Catcher/Filling


Entertaining Mechanical Spinning without Batteries.

RollerFeeder squirrel powered.

Rf2 cardinal-red squirrel proof feeder steel hopper gold option.

Guaranteed squirrel proof solution

  • Entertaining mechanical design spins squirrels without batteries or motors - the squirrel is the battery & motor.

  • Spins year-round, in any temperature,   -40 or over 100F without failure.

  • Environmental, nothing goes to landfill, zero energy use.

Motor driven, battery powered, 

weight activated.


No batterries or motors required ever!    no spring or other hardware/gadgets to break.

Compare with battery operated yankee flipper bird feeder

  • Requires either periodic battery recharge, battery pack exchange, or replacing/discarding spent batteries.

  • Rechargeable battery pack or power stick cost up to $20-$50.

  • Ongoing cost for throw away batteries or charging.

  • Requires monitoring battery "useful charge-life".

  • Severe temperatures impact batteries useful life-span or useful charge.

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