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Chipmunk Proof Your Bird Feeder

and preventing other small animals 

like rats, mice, gophers etc.! 


About chipmunks and bird feeders.

Chimpmunks and bird feedersThere is a common notion that squirrel proof bird feeders will automatically prevent the smallest animals like chipmunks, rats, gophers, very small flying squirrels, and even mice.  The truth is there is no bird feeder on the market (that we know of) that claims or advertises to be chipmunk proof or rat proof or mouse proof - or is effective (with guarantee or warrantee) at preventing chipmunks if they can gain access to a bird feeder.

Bird feeder designs.

Chimpmunks and bird feedersSquirrel proof feeders are designed for your garden variety grey squirrels and other squirrels similar in size.  Grey squirrels are many times larger and heavier than the smaller animals mentioned above, a good guess is grey squirrels are at least 4-5 times larger and heavier than most chipmunks.  The smallest rodents are too small, agile, and light to keep out of bird feeders.  Smaller animals can climb through very tight openings and are not heavy enough to close mechanisms that are designed for heavier squirrels.

Chipmunks and bird feeders hung from tree branches.

A sheet metal tree skirt is an example of how to prevent chipmunks and other smaller animals from climbing trees to gain access to the bird feeder by crawling up the tree and jumping down or over from a tree limb.  With a Rollerfeeder you will not have an issue with squirrels since we guarantee it will prevent them.

Chipmunks gaining access to bird feeders.

Chimpmunks and bird feedersIf a chipmunk or other small animal like rats can gain access to a bird feeder, then you can be assured it will crawl in the feeder or perch somewhere on the feeder to pilfer bird seed.  Many areas of the country have problems with rats in their bird feeder, as an example the citrus rat in Florida, or areas of the country that grow citrus trees.

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Chipmunks and bird feeders hung from yard poles.

Add an inexpensive dish or tube type baffle/guard to a yard pole to prevent access from troublesome smaller animals like chipmunks.  Be sure the pole is placed far enough from a jumping or launch pad so the chipmunk can't jump over from the side area like a deck railing, tree, shrub or other jumping location.



.Preventing access the best approach.

Chimpmunks and bird feedersThe best way to prevent small animals like chipmunks is to prevent access to the bird feeder.  This can be done with the location of the feeder and a couple DIY or store bought widgets that prevent them from climbing to the feeder i.e. skirts or baffles or a guard of some type.  Chipmunks cannot jump like larger grey squirrels so considering placement, and baffles blocking access to the feeder is important in preventing them.  See more examples below.

Preventive and proven techniques for smaller animals.

Chimpmunks and bird feedersSometimes just hanging a feeder in a tree is enough to discourage chipmunks, however some of the bravest chipmunks will crawl up the tree and jump to the feeder.  Use inexpensive baffles and guards that help prevent access to the feeder.  If your feeder is hung in a tree, another method is to use a metal skirt around the base of the tree.  You can also use a dome on top of the feeder if you don't want to add a metal skirt.  If using a dome - be sure to hang the bird feeder far enough away from the trunk so the chipmunk or rat can't jump over from the side. These techniques are proven in the field and are very effective.  These techniques will not prevent squirrels from accessing the feeder because of their agility and jumping abilities, but a RollerFeeder is guaranteed to prevent the larger squirrels so you don't have to worry about squirrels.

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Chipmunk proofing using an overhead  dome baffle.

Sometimes using an overhead dome can be effective if the feeder is far enough away from the tree trunk to force them to crawl down from above.  The chipmunk will typically slip on the dome and fall to the ground without touching the feeder, but not always.  Try to maintain 5 feet of horizontal clearance from the trunk or other horizontal location they could jump from.  Preventing access using a skirt or baffle on a pole or tree trunk is the most effective method.



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