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Squirrel Proof - Chickadee, Nuthatch, & Finch Bird Feeder 

Designed with songbirds in mind.


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RollerFeeder Bird & Squirrel Proof Video Clips

Testimonials About Squirrels    

One of thousands of futile daily attempts by squirrels across the U.S.  Test site feeder installed within 6" for extra easy access & leverage. No other bird feeder can be placed this close to tree branches and still keep squirrels from feeding.  Most of the time they roll off,  sometimes squirrels befuddle around on the housing while it turns. This one has been here before but does not like to roll off too much.

Test Rollerfeeder that's been in the field for several years. After rolling off many times, the squirrel is trying other techniques to get around the design - to no avail. Notice how the internal seed hopper stays in place without spilling seed, normally squirrels would shake a regular feeder and seed would spill out the ports but the patented rolling housing acts as a shock-absorder preventing direct contact with the internal seed chamber (hopper). 

Squirrel Antics after rolling off several times. Birds 

can be seen using the 2nd Rollerfeeder in the background




Squirrel Rolling Video Below


Visiting songbirds during morning feeding time - Seed is whole sunflower kernels and some black oil sunflower mixed in - see our feeding tips for placement, height and best seed to use to attract a wide variety of birds. The line attached to the feder roof edges is for House Sparrow prevention, see our house sparrow prevention page. 




Goldfinches at RollerFeeder using seed whole sunflower kernels.


Goldfinches and other birds like chickadees, nuthatches, tufted titmouse and cardinals love whole sunflower kernels, black oil sunflower and safflower. When starting out a new bird feeder use the best seed and with a RollerFeeder you don't have to worry about the good seed going to squirrels because it's squirrel proof guaranteed.

Goldfinch and White-Breasted Nuthatch feeding on opposite sides of the RollerFeeder - Birdseed mix is 50% shelled whole sunflower kernels, 30% black oil sunflower (in the shell), and 20% Safflower Seed.


Chickadee activity using whole sunflower seed.

Goldfinch and Chickadee using 50% whole sunflower(shelled), 

black oil sunflower in shell and some safflower seed.

More Goldfinch and Chickadee and Finches using 50% whole 

sunflower kernels (shelled), black oil sunflower 

in shell and some safflower seed.



Short clip of visiting downy woodpecker feeding , the Downy was back and forth all morning picking seed out.  The woodpecker is holding on using the stainless steel roof cling-ridge for birds that cling while feeding - one of the many unique built-in features of the RollerFeeder.  Sometimes birds will hang upside down grasping the roof cling-ridge, especially White breasted nuthatches.

How it spins 360 degrees demonstration.

High squirrel entertainment, without batteries or motors.

During squirrels attempts, the rigid squirrel-proof housing freely spins 360 degrees using the squirrels own weight and antics. The double-sided birdseed hopper inside (bolted to the axle) stays upright and untouched.  Birds easily feed from the perches about 1/2" away from the seed trays. See photos below.



The Rollerfeeder housing is rain-proof and absorbs the shock during squirrel attacks - this helps prevent birdseed from spilling compared to a squirrel hitting and disrupting a tube-type or container bird feeder with  feed ports at the bottom or elsewhere. 


Best Seller  All Models  Testimonials About Squirrels


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