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Squirrel Proof - Chickadee, Nuthatch, & Finch Bird Feeder 

Designed with songbirds in mind.


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| Integrated Weather Awning |  No Chew Design! |


| Open Viewing of your Favorite Birds  |  


| Ultra-Sensitive Counterbalance  |   


Integrated Weather Enclosure


RollerFeeder is designed with an integrated weather enclosure that keeps snow and rain out of the seed trays without an extra saucer cover.  The seed stays dry, fresh, and out of the elements while the birds eat within a protective cover.


 The RollerFeeder "weather enclosure" provides excellent protection against the elements because the seed trays are inside a housing, and the housing acts as a built-in cover.  It also offers the small birds a secure enclosure while feeding.


"A chickadee tried it within three minutes"




No Chew tm Design!


RollerFeeder is a No Chew! bird feeder because its unique rotating design works as an active defense mechanism. The built-in rotation prevents squirrels from any opportunity to chew or inflict other damage.  


 If animals like squirrels or raccoons are capable of climbing or clinging on the feeder,  the chance of chewing or other feeder damage increases significantly over a feeder that includes a full dislodging mechanism. 


Testimonial ......"whoosh... they fall right off"




  Open Viewing of your Favorite Small Birds


RollerFeeder provides a natural open feeding station for bird watching.  It does not require cages, plastic covers, or any other surrounds to fend off unwanted visitors.  


Simply stated, RollerFeeder provides open viewing of your favorite small birds on an open feeder. 


"We have had it since December 1998 and have never seen a squirrel be able to get in it or get food out of it"




Ultra-Sensitive Counterbalance


RollerFeeder's ultra-sensitive counterbalance system works just how it sounds.  The weight "tube" as we call it, is attached to the main rotating housing,  No squirrel has ever balanced on it because it spins like a bicycle wheel on an axle.  After the squirrel is gone the weight rocks the housing back into feeding position and aligns the window with the seed trays.


With a RollerFeeder, the entire feeder spins closing access to the feed trays and dislodging them, they cannot sit on it and figure out what their next move will be.... a proven design since 1998 and never outwitted. 


"I am enjoying your "Roller Feeder."


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RollerFeeder does not require guards, covers, cages, special poles, or any other squirrel deterrent device


Quality made in Minnesota, Patented

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