Black Capped Chickadee during Minnesota snowfall, April 1 - 2002

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RollerFeeder Benefits - Page 1

 | Squirrel Proof  PestBird Prooftm


|   No Guards Required   |  Dislodges and Closes Feed Tray  | 


Use The Best Seed  | A Mechanical Solution  | No Flocking

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Squirrel Proof & Pest Bird Proof


RollerFeeder is Squirrel Proof & Pest Bird Proof preventing larger gray squirrels & others similar in size.  Also the RF with prevent larger nuisance birds like starlings, blackbirds, grackles, crows, cowbirds, ravens, pigeons, and other larger undesirable birds. You will never see a blackbird or starling or crow on a RollerFeeder for more than a few seconds.


Squirrel Proof  Bird Feeder is a common phrase, we back it up with a guarantee that covers red squirrels, gray squirrels & other rodents similar in size.  R-Feeder also prevents larger nuisance birds, and greatly  minimizes usage by house sparrows, they can sometimes be as big or bigger problem than squirrels.   See Testimonials 


 "Thank you for selling such a wonderful product"




No Guards Required


RollerFeeder's "self-contained" design means that you can hang it right from a tree limb or horizontal extension.  It does not require additional guards, special poles, or any other squirrel deterrent devices to operate.  R-Feeder also does not allow large unwanted birds to land and feed.


The built-in design allows complete access to the feeder and welcomes all typical problem animals and birds.  It is when the animal or large bird commit themselves and climb, land, or jump on the feeder is when they are suddenly taken by surprise. See also Testimonials      

"It has performed flawlessly"




Dislodges and Closes Seed Trays


The "active" rolling design prevents animals and unwanted large birds from resting or climbing on the feeder at will, and helps to deter loitering, additionally closing access to the feed trays while they are being spun off.  

See it Roll

RollerFeeder's unique "active" rotating design does not allow the animal or large bird to climb about the feeder housing or land and search for alternate methods to access the seed. It's multi- functional design not only closes access to the seed trays, but also dislodges the unwanted visitor, deterring loitering.  After a while they simply give up and no longer try. See Testimonial #3 and others.  


 "The squirrels found it so baffling that they did something I've never seen them do before -- they just plain gave up"




 Use The Best Seed 


R-Feeder is a "seed friendly" solution with no compromises!  If you want to attract the best songbirds such as chickadees, finches, and nuthatches use the best bird seed, Black Oil Sunflower (or mix with sunflower hearts).


There is no need to consider any other bird seed other than the best for a R-Feeder and your favorite songbirds. Quality feeder birds most favorite seed is Black Oil Sunflower or the highest grade mixed seed which includes 90 - 95% black oil sunflower.  It is also the best seed for birds because it has the highest fat content during winter months.  Larger birds like starling, blackbirds, grackles, and blue jays cannot get to the best seed with a R-Feeder, neither can squirrels or other rodent animals.  Use the best, 100% black oil sunflower, or 95% black oil sunflower mixed with the highest quality mixed seed or sunflower hearts.   


" The ONLY seed going out of it is going into the beaks of chickadees, house finches, gold finches, white- AND rose-breasted nuthatches"




 A Mechanical Solution


RF is an "environmentally friendly" design that provides a safe mechanical solution for preventing unwanted animals and pest birds with no ongoing cost to own. 

See it Roll

The innovative mechanical design works without wires or batteries that can add ongoing costly battery replacement and hassle by needing to monitor the batteries useful charge life.   More importantly, there is no need to throw away wasted batteries to land fills unnecessarily, it works every day of the year, with the environment in mind. Battery or shock feeders  are primarily intended to fend off squirrels which still leaves the rest of the problems....pest birds such as starlings, house sparrows, blackbirds, crows, cowbirds, grackles, pigeons, and many other pest birds  to contend with.


"The feeder just spins around making the squirrel fall off"




Eliminates Pest Bird Flocking


R-Feeder prevents large amounts of birds from flocking directly on the feeder, leaving it completely open to more desirable chickadees, nuthatches and finches. It does it by just allowing access to the seed by small birds, and a small amount of weight.  If pest birds can't get to the seed, they will not flock on the feeder and move on to the next convenient food source.  


A common problem with feeding birds is overload by undesirable birds like starlings, blackbirds, grackles, and house sparrows. What can happen is the nuisance birds take over the feeder and keep the more desirable birds away.  House sparrows are especially damaging to a feeder area because not only will they flock on open feeders (also known as a sparrow slum), they can also take over the the whole area and nesting sites of small birds like chickadees, nuthatches and finches. House sparrows and starlings are also very aggressive and can disrupt other native bird types in the area.  See Testimonials  


"It upsets me when I see the birds that are special to me get driven away by the nuisance birds"..."I no longer have a sparrow slum"





RollerFeeder will  pay for itself over and over by eliminating seed loss to squirrels and large pest birds. The seed usage is highly efficient because the feeder is designed for small birds like chickadees and nuthatches that typically fly in for a single seed at a time or for birds like house and purple finches that will perch but not hoard seed.  It will not permit sparrow flocking and seed hoarding by other nuisance birds.   


A birdfeeder that is accessible by squirrels, house sparrows, and large pest birds can easily be pilfered of 1-2 pounds of seed every day, if not more. A very conservative estimate of just 1 pound  of pilfered seed per day multiplied by 365 days multiplied by 20 cents a pound ($10/50 pound bag/black oil sunflower) equals $73 savings.  In many cases, this is probably a low estimate which  will pay for itself in less than a year.  See Testimonials 


 "I am saving tons on money on bird seed" 



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RollerFeeder does not require guards, covers, cages, special poles, or any other squirrel deterrent device


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