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Literally, a squirrel proof bird feeder revolution, since 1998.

Designed with songbirds in mind.


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Guaranteed Squirrel-Proof Feeder Warranty

Plus lifetime housing & squirrel indestructible guarantee.

Return/Refund Policy


RollerFeeder's Squirrel-Proof Solution models RF2 "Cardinal" 2013-16 models with Steel Hoppers are guaranteed squirrel proof effective and  covers adult size Gray Squirrels, Fox Squirrels, Black Squirrels, or other squirrels similar in size to adult size gray squirrels.  If you have a grey squirrel (one squirrel at a time) that can outwit our solution (eat directly from feeder seed trays with its mouth, at will, and ongoing) within 1 year, we will refund your total original product purchase price and you may keep the RollerFeeder.  Clear close-up video proof needs to be submitted clearly showing the squirrel eating from the seed trays with their mouth, and any built-in feeder counter measures we provide need to be implemented with up close video.  The video needs to be taken at the seed tray side of the feeder not from the side that could hide rigging and food stuffing.  A squirrel jumping on the feeder knocking a few seeds loose, hanging or crawling on the feeder, sticking their nose through the wire grid, swiping at it knocking a few seeds loose, paw grabbing, or pilfering a few seeds caught in the housing roof edges or sides does not qualify as defeating the feeder - squirrels perform this activity with all feeders if they cannot eat with their mouth.  To prevent warranty fraud (by rigging or using damaged product), clear close-up video evidence the squirrel is casually eating from the seed trays with their mouth and emptying the feeder needs to be provided.  No long distance blurry/shaky/unclear or sideward videos will be accepted.  The feeder needs to be in full working condition, undamaged, and not rigged in any way.


. Testimonials About Squirrels

red squirrel Small Squirrels: If you have them, you know that the small, agile, and tenacious Red or Pine Squirrel is the toughest small rodents to keep out of bird feeders.  A simple & inexpensive accessory ($2.25) is available that allows easy access by songbirds, while preventing the toughest small rodent - red squirrels. Small rodent accessory fits only Rf2-SS Models with metal pan bottom. Or see the new models page for small squirrel problems.  UPDATE:  our 2013 model design has been in the field for several years now and effective against small red squirrels - the design feature accessory mentioned above is a built-in feature of the new models.  


For metal pan model Rollerfeeder, the extra-duty accessory can be used to help prevent large Raccoons, and other medium - large size rodents like possum, or 100% the Gray Squirrel that's never been beaten, this accessory is not required for cardinal models since the feature is built-in. See the new models page for larger animal problems.  Although we do not guarantee raccoon-proof like we do for gray squirrels, many customers have good results in preventing Raccoons using the Rollerfeeder and our hanging instructions.  See raccoon page

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Quality Birds 

& preventing larger nuisance birds.

As an added benefit the feeder is designed to tilt just enough to prevent larger nuisance birds like blackbirds, grackles, pigeons, and starlings...all while attracting your favorite songbirds including chickadees, nuthatches, finches, tufted titmice, to cardinal size birds.

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Return/Refund Policy

RollerFeeder's refund policy is simple: If you are not satisfied with the RollerFeeder upon receiving the feeder, just return the product in New (unused) condition , in the original box, within 7 business days for a full purchase price refund of the feeder product cost (Excluding shipping costs either direction).  After 7 business days in New/Unused condition there is a minimum 10% restocking charge on new product returned, email us for a Return Restocking Rate schedule at The RollerFeeder must be in New/Unused condition for a full refund and you must obtain an authorization number by e-mailing usWe will not accept or approve a full refund if the product has been used outdoors in any way, or used on a trial basis for any period of time (hung outdoors, filled with seed, or both). Our policy is consistent with major bird feeder sellers like Wild Birds Unlimited and most On-Line Sellers of bird feeders, however, no merchant will match our lifetime squirrel-proof guarantee.  Our policy is limited to the construction and operation of the feeder upon receipt of the feeder, and the product being squirrel -proof where the guarantee is outlined above.  The return policy excludes the timeframe it takes for birds to adjust to, and use a new feeder because it varies greatly with all feeders (or bird traffic).  Depending on your Geographical Area, Feeder Placement, Landscaping Environment (trees/shrubs/gardens), Bird Seed Choice, Season, Migration Patterns, Competing Feeders, Natural Food Supply, and many other factors, birds usually start visiting a new feeder ranging in time from just a few days to several weeks, sometimes it can take longer.  Due to many variables mentioned above that affect when birds start to use a new feeder, our warranty/guarantee and return policy does not cover individual results, satisfaction of bird traffic results, or bird types (this policy is also consistent with over 90% of bird feeder sellers and makers of bird feeders).  Please see our bird feeding tips page for RollerFeeder Tips & Bird Video and feeding tips from other prominent bird sources, BIRD FEEDING TIPSTo read other customers' success in preventing squirrels & and attracting birds, see our TESTIMONIALS page.

Lifetime Housing Parts Warranty

RollerFeeder will replace or repair, at our option, for lifetime ownership, any assembly housing metal piece that impedes the functional operation of the feeder. This warranty does not cover abuse or other non-squirrel related damage. Parts include metal main housing sides, and primary grid, or bottom pan sections. Shipping charges of any parts apply.  Due to large animal problems like bear, large raccoons, deer,  and others, wire perches are excluded from the main housing warranty.

Read more on our Perch Replacement Policy here Rollerfeeder Perches


Limited Lifetime Squirrel Indestructible Warranty

All RollerFeeder models with stainless & steel seed hopper carry a lifetime replace or repair squirrel indestructible guarantee which includes all metal parts (excluding polycarbonit roof).  Extra-duty models with the smaller grid design using a Lexan plastic hopper & new steel seed pan cover are also covered against gray squirrel chewing damage (hopper only).  Shipping charges of any parts apply.  Due to large animal problems like bear, large raccoons, deer,  and others, the warranty is limited to metal housing parts and squirrels only and does not cover breakage from large animals..


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. Testimonials About Squirrels

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