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Literally, a squirrel proof bird feeder revolution, since 1998.

Designed with songbirds in mind.

2017 Models


Rf since 1998

Rollerfeeder Payback

& Value added features.

Squirrel Rolling Photos


All Models   2017 Rollerfeeders   Rf2-Cardinal-Suet  

Built for lifetime use.

Built 100% squirrel-proof.


All major housing components guaranteed for life, and squirrel indestructible, using rust-free aluminum & stainless steel. (SS models) Guaranteed 100% grey squirrel proof.

Seed Savings

Pays for itself in approx. 2-3 months. 

premium seed cardinal mix

Ongoing money/seed savings afterwards.

Saves $1-$3 conservatively on wild bird seed daily from squirrel or large nuisance bird pilfering, compared to non-squirrel proof feeders or partial squirrel proof feeders. 

No Extras, Hang Anywhere

within inches of anything.

(All extra-duty models)

  pole baffle

Built-in all-weather rain & snow housing eliminates the need for a weather dome costing $15-$ pole baffles costing $10-$20, or special poles with baffles costing over $100.00

No Wet Seed

built-in weather housing.

all-weather rain & snow design.    

Sanitary Design

keeps birds out of seed area.

sanitary design - birds feed outside of the seed location.

No wet & moldy seed to deal with that is unhealthy for birds, or clogged seed ports or clogged and wet seed trays.  Wet and moldy seed needs to be thrown out & the feeder washed with bleach. 

Sanitary Design  keeps birds out of where the seed is preventing waste droppings in the seed.

Squirrel Powered Entertainment

No hassle with motors, batteries, or 

charging, ever.

Click for larger view - Rollerfeeder spinning squirrel off feeder.

Squirrel entertainment without the cost or hassle of batteries or motors or charging...using the squirrel itself.

Highly effective against 

more than squirrels.

red squirrel     


"Squirrel proof" is the buzz word but we guarantee it, but what about the other critters.  After 10 years in the field, we have satisfied customers that have other problems too. 

Locate Close if you Choose

To see birds feeding without binoculars 

(or squinting) 

visiting chickadee on rollerfeeder

Locate Rollerfeeder close where you can see the birds, unlike many feeders that need to be 20 feet from trees or buildings.

Hang within inches of a squirrels reach without worry. They can't use the rollerfeeder as a lever like other feeders, and pull themselves over to access the seed... the housing rolls when they try to grab it.

Prevents Seeds from Spilling 

during a squirrel attempt.

 Squirrel spins, seed stays intact during disruption. Click for larger view

When squirrels jump & hit a simple seed container hard, seed goes flying. When they hit a Rollerfeeder - the housing rolls around the seed container and the seed hopper is not impacted by the disruption (as shown at left).

No caps, covers, hinges, locking clips or anything else to remove before filling.

Just turn housing 90 degrees and pour seed in the hopper, then let go. It's that simple.


Built Tough with 2 Feeding Sides

highly sensitive rolling mechanics

Built tough with 2 feeding sides, and highly sensitive mechanics for songbirds.  Squirrels can neither defeat the patented rolling design, nor can they damage it.

All Models  2017 Rollerfeeders   Rf2-Cardinal-Suet


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