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Simple filling.

RollerFeeder Cardinal Feeder

Robert - Rhode Island

"I see Cardinals on mine all the time...and a squirrel has not beat it yet."

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* 2 Models *

All-Weather, Double-Sided.

Extra-duty stainless & steel hopper, Dual tray & mesh feeding.

rollerfeeder cardinal feeder


No longer available - See new models here

All-Weather, Double-Sided.

Polycarbonate/Lexan double-sided hopper - tray feeding.


No longer available - See new models here

chickadeeto Cardinal Friendly RollerFeeder 

Built-in Extra-Duty

Rf2 Cardinal 2-Tone Green

  • Guaranteeddgray squirrel-proof (or similar size squirrels).gray squirrel-proof (or similar size squirrels). For Small Red/Pine Squirrels & above size see Rf2-SS model.

  • Built-in rain proof & snow all-weather housing.

  • Prevents all nuisance birds larger than Cardinals like blackbirds, starlings, pigeons, crows, grackles, etc.

  • Dislodges & befuddles squirrels using its own body weight to roll & spin.

  • Patented Battery & Motor Free humorous squirrel rolling operation.

  • Prevents seed from spilling, 2nd most common tactic by squirrels to pilfer seed.

  • Use only premium birdseed, no substitutes or spiced seed to deter squirrels or nuisance birds.

  • Close & easy access to the seed tray by songbirds, yet surprises an uninvited guest.

  • No-Chew designnprotected by stainless steel in sensitive areas.protected by stainless steel in sensitive areas.

Since 1998  

Quality Crafted in U.S.A.



Denotes what Animals RF2-Cardinal prevents. 

Small Size Animals

Prevalent Red/Pine squirrels

Medium Size Animals

Grey/Fox Squirrels, Brown & Black Squirrels etc.

Large Size Animals

Possum, Deer, Raccoons.


Large Nuisance Birds Starlings, Blackbirds, Grackles, Pigeons etc.

red squirrel

If small red/pine squirrels are abundant and troublesome, see rf2-ss with red squirrel accessory 

(stainless & steel hopper best)

Accommodates both clinging & perching birds...

Chickadees, nuthatches, tufted titmouse, goldfinch, purple finch,

other finch varieties, small woodpeckers, pine siskin, bluebirds, and Cardinals.


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All Models  2018 Rollerfeeders   Rf2-Cardinal-Suet