Chickadee in nearby pine tree, saint paul mn


Literally, a squirrel proof bird feeder revolution since 1998.

Rollerfeeder  designed with songbirds in mind.



Since 1998 rollerfeeder made in america

Patented Squirrel Rolling/Spinning Mechanics

No batterries or motors required ever!    no spring or other hardware/gadgets to break.   No electrical shocking squirrels at your bird feeder

No batteries, motors, springs, cables, levers, or electrical shocking.


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Description:  Patented design rolls squirrels off and befuddles squirrels mechanically without batteriesrf2-cs model & 2 chickadees or motors...the squirrel is the battery & motor.  Birdseed is stored inside a steel & stainless mesh hopper, isolated from any disruption.  Built-tough lifetime outer housing absorbs the impact of a squirrel and prevents seed from spilling compared to a squirrel hitting a tubular or other seed container directly.  The RF housing spins 360 degrees without touching the internal fixed seed hopper.

click squirrel for large photos of 2012 models  Squirrel  powered rollerfeeder

Common Squirrel Antics - Feeder spins, squirrel flips off 

and lands safely.  Rollerfeeder returns to feeding position.



"...this feeder paid for itself in the first summer"

testimonials logo "I'd guess that our feed costs have dropped by more than 90%. The squirrels had been literally "eating us out of house and home. Considering the cost of feed and the RollerFeeder, this feeder paid for itself in the first summer. Moreover, because the seed spillage has been reduced enormously, we don't have a weed patch below it." Owner Testimonials

Tom  - Buffalo, New York.


Chickadee on roof of rollerfeeder

Squirrel rolling on squirrel proof GS rollerfeeder #1

Squirrel Rolling on RF2-Cardinal model using itself as the power source...Rollerfeeder never needs batteries or motors, recharging, or wondering about batteries useful 

charge-life. Bird shown upper left will be back feeding soon 

after the entertainment is over. 1 of 6

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House finch perching on rollerfeeder.

Squirrel rolling on squirrel proof GS rollerf-feeder #2

Squirrel continues rolling, trying to hold on. Tested under extra-tough 

conditions, several branches within 3"-9" proximity with simple 

access to the feeder. Hang RF where birds like to 

visit & squirrels entertaining. 2 of 6.

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.Visiting chickadee.

Squirrel rolling on squirrel proof GS roller-feeder #3

Squirrel is now upside down still rotating and close to falling off. Housing 

designed as dual purpose, both weather & squirrel-proof.  

Next photo would be squirrel on the ground...more 

rolling photos below. 3 of 6

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Chickadee visiting #2

Squirrel rolling on squirrel proof GS rollerfeeder #4

Another humorous attempt, squirrels typically begin by jumping on top, then 

immediately start to roll. The outer-housing absorbs the squirrel impact 

& disruption spinning freely to dislodge the animal. 4 of 6

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Perching house finch

Squirrel rolling on squirrel proof GS rollerfeeder #5

Tough weather-proof housing rolls around stationary hopper designed with mesh feed sides & trays - both sides.  The steel hopper chamber is bolted to the shaft completely isolated from the event, preventing seed from spilling. 5 of 6

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Chickadee landing on rollerfeeder perch to the side.

Squirrel rolling on squirrel proof bird feeder by rollerfeeder #6

All RF2 Rollerfeeder solutions are guaranteed squirrel-proof.  If a squirrel

 does temporarily hold on (most roll-off), it is upside down facing an impenetrable 

steel grid & the bottom of  a steel hopper (or lexan hopper with 

steel bottom).  Songbirds return shortly after.

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chickadeeCardinal friendly rollerfeeder

Chickadee to Cardinal and medium size Woodpeckers.

finches perching on one side of rollerfeeder.

Accommodates both clinging & perching birds...chickadees, nuthatches, tufted titmouse, purple finch, goldfinch, woodpeckers, pine siskin, bluebirds, including Cardinals.



4" Feeder Challenge - Ground Testing


Owner Testimonials - Squirrels   


RollerFeeder is Tested 4" off the Ground - in trees with Surrounding Branches - on Yard Poles inches away from the Pole - on Deck Rails inches from the rail - and other convenient locations that give squirrels a clear advantage to defeat our patented design.  Rollerfeeder does not use batteries or motors, springs, dropping shrouds, levers, hinges, cables, or other mechanical hardware.

How do birds feed?

Seed trays on both sides are easily accessible for much lighter birds 1/4"-1/2" inch away when birds are perching.  When a squirrel puts weight anywhere on the feeder, the rotating movement increases the distance from the trays as it rotates, making it inaccessible to a heavier animal.


Don't try this at home with an ordinary 

"Squirrel-proof" feeder.



Roll & Spin demonstration of squirrel proof Roller-feeder


Demonstration shows R-Feeder spinning and rolling 360 degrees without batteries or motors designed to dislodge and befuddle squirrels. Squirrel Antics and Weight are the source of power that makes Rollerfeeder work. The double-sided birdseed hopper inside stays upright & intact, untouched. 

Besides guaranteed to defeat squirrels, the built-tough lifetime outer housing is rain-proof under normal rain and moderate storm conditions, saving Customer's the need to purchase a rain/weather dome. In addition, the housing performs as a shock absorber during squirrels attacks, isolating the internal bird seed container with the outer housing squirrel disruption.  Isolating the squirrel disruption significantly helps prevent birdseed from spilling compared to squirrel hitting a tube-type bird feeder with multiple feed ports, where seed can spill from several ports during squirrel attacks and disruption. Since 1998





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