The Songbirds Bible

100 of the Most Popular Songbirds in North America

Backyard bird-watching, feeding tips, attracting songbirds to your garden.

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Tufted Titmouse


RollerFeeder and Songbirds Bible & CD

By Dr. Nobel S. Proctor  Ph. D.

Hardcover 256 pages, New Publication , 175+ illustrations, 

30 min. nature CD of continuous birdsongs/$10 value, (Suggested Retail $22.95 +Tax/Shipping).

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Rollerfeeder published in The Songbirds Bible

~ Rollerfeeder a selected feeder & published in Songbirds Bible ~


Book Description & ExtrasThe Songbirds Bible by Dr. Nobel S Proctor PH. D.                             

The Songbirds Bible is an essential guide for the birdwatchers of North America. Every bird appears on its own two-page, full-color spread. The wire-O binding allows the book to open completely and easily, and each spread includes the following features:


The Common Name and the Latin name of the genus and species and a finely detailed illustration of the bird's shape and markings of a map showing distribution throughout North America and a verbal and graphic description of the song and a concise list describing behavior, nest shape, food and advice on attracting the birds to the reader's garden.


The Songbirds Bible is not only rich in visual detail: the accompanying CD features every bird's song! Every song appears on its own track or 30 minutes of continuous-play birdsongs.  No one who is passionate about birds will want to be without this guide!


Award Winning Author
Author Dr. Noble S. Proctor, Ph.D., is a premier field naturalist of the Northeast, and a professor at Southern Connecticut State University. He is a prolific author with a publishing career spanning more than 30 years and his books include Garden Birds: How To Attract Birds To Your Garden and the Peterson Field Guide To Feeder Birds. Dr. Noble S. Proctor, Ph.D., is the recipient of awards in the fields of environmentalism and ornithology and a leader of natural history and ecology expeditions around the world.

Customer Book Comments

Peggy, Jacksonville Florida ...already the squirrels are befuddled!! and I love the book!"


Lana, Oak Park IL  "I received the SongBirds Book yesterday. It is beautiful!!! 

Totally unexpected. I was expecting a small pamphlet. I have the book right on my window 

ledge where my home office is.  That is where I work and watch the birds out the 

window. Thank you very much. No sign of squirrels on the feeder either. "

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