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Squirrel Proof - Chickadee, Nuthatch, & Finch Bird Feeder 

Designed with songbirds in mind.


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Video on Best way To Fill Squirrel Proof RollerFeeder

Filling without removing caps, covers, or retaining clips.

Short 30 second video below.

2 Easy Steps to Fill Roller Bird Feeder


2 Easy Steps for Filling Rollerfeeder

  1. Turn Rollerfeeder housing 90 degrees to expose the top of the seed hopper.

  2. Use a plastic container and pour quality bird seed slowly through the steel grid into the seed hopper - then allow housing to return to feeding position.

 Rollerfeeder Filling Benefits

  • In most cases you can fill Rollerfeeder in place without taking the feeder down to fill.

  • Patented design eliminates the need to remove feeder caps, covers, lids, or squirrel retaining clips.

  • A funnel is not required - use a plastic pitcher or other inexpensive plastic container.

  • Easy for any age group to turn bird feeder housing and pour seed in.

  • There is a large space to pour seed in unlike tube-type feeders.

Filling time is typically 30-60 seconds.



" ...easy to fill, keeps seed dry..."

" Your feeder is easy to fill, keeps the seed dry 

(even in wind and rain), allows the birds to empty it 

completely and stays clean of bird droppings. "

Many thanks, 

Teresa - Bothell, Washington


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How it Rolls on squirrels

Click for short squirrel rolling video and photos.

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