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Squirrel Proof - Chickadee, Nuthatch, & Finch Bird Feeder 

Designed with songbirds in mind.


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Features Comparison Table.


Visiting birds

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  Cardinal friendly rollerfeeder

Birds RollerFeeder caters to:

Features diagram, click to enlarge.

The Feeder with Features, click to view features.

Your small-medium size visitors:



Finches (all varieties)

Tufted Titmouse

Pine Siskin


Downy woodpecker

up to Cardinals in size.

Small-Large Squirrels & Unique Animal Problems.

Red squirrels, gray squirrels, raccoons, possum, 

and other small-medium size animals.

.View all here. squirrel

Guaranteed Squirrel Proof  

All gray squirrels, black squirrels, or others similar in size.


The RF squirrel proof system of feeder & available accessory is guaranteed in preventing all gray squirrels from eating from the seed hopper.

red squirrel  

Red/Pine Squirrel Duty

fits any RF model/easy to install

Smaller Red Squirrels.


Accessory prevents hard to beat small rodents: red or pine squirrels, rats, & chipmunk problems.

Raccoon Duty 

Raccoon Duty RF

fits any RF model/easy to install

Prevents raccoons, possums, any other medium-larger size animals (excluding bears).


Accessory prevents the toughest medium-large rodent problems: raccoons, possum, or 100% against the toughest Fox Squirrel environemnts. 

Large nuisance birds

Prevents Starlings (effective)

RF is designed to tilt under the weight of larger nuisance birds like starlings keeping them off so the feeder is open to small-medium size birds.

Prevents Large Blackbirds

Yes, no blackbirds

Prevents Cowbirds

Yes, no cowbirds

Prevents Grackles

Yes, no grackles

Prevents Doves & Pigeons


Prevents Large Jays


Prevents Crows

Design features, benefits, & general questions.

Does it Require Overhead Rain Dishes, Squirrel Baffles, Outer Cages, Motors, Batteries, Springs, Shocking, Spiced Seed or other After-Market Squirrel Deterrents?

RollerFeeder is a built in passive solution without cages, shocking, batteries, baffles, rain guards, spiced seed, or motors of any kind.

What about damage by squirrels?

The RF is built with quality metal construction, tough Lexantm roof, and it is very difficult for them to stay on to damage it. 

Can squirrels crawl all over and disturb it for a long time? Even if they jump a long distance?

The rotating design helps prevent and discourage squirrels from crawling all over the feeder housing & highly effective in deterring loitering.  As soon as they touch or land on it, it rotates or closes access to the seed tray.

Mechanical design that's environmentally sound.

Low environmental impact, never needs exchanging cartridges, re-charge or battery replacement, no monitoring or worry about batteries useful charge life, or throwing them in landfills when they fail.  The RF is also built to last.

What about filling and does bird seed spill when it spins?

Built without a cap, or hinge, or other animal movable parts, just rotate outer housing and pour seed in from the top. The seed is secure and fixed inside a separate seed hopper bolted to the axle and does not move or spill out when rotating.
 How does it hang? A versatile single point hanger provides simple hanging from any location, it is extra long to discourage & prevent squirrels hanging from above. 

How is it cleaned?

Clean twice a year or as needed, remove bottom (4 screws) and spray with garden hose or tub clean.  Hose cleaning does not require removal of bottom.

Adjustable to control "sparrow overload"

Sparrow overload is a problem in some areas of the country because large quantities take over feeders and then nesting sites of native songbirds - see our web page on reducing sparrows. 

Sensitive weight system.

Calibrated weight supports desirable birds and tilts or rolls on larger birds and squirrels.

Where does rain & snow go & how does air circulate?

Overhangs shed water away from the seed hopper in normal-heavy rainfall. The vertical portion of the perch acts as a "backsplash" in strong sideward rain to kick water outward from the feeder. Air flows through slots in bottom, sides of seed hopper and top to keep seed dry & cool.

Ergonomic perch. 

Wire perches are tiered for varying size birds allowing medium size birds (finches) to eat, and a small step for the smallest birds like chickadees, or red breasted nuthatches.

Where can it be hung?  

1. Hang it close for better viewing if desirable.

2. In the middle of a tree with branches all around.

3. From a post


4. From a wire.

5. Does not matter if squirrels can access the location for flexibility in location.

7. Single point hanger included.


Uses the best seed.

Use sunflower hearts or mix with black oil sunflower, the overall champion of songbird bird seed, or highest quality mixed seed - no compromises on seed quality.

Provides a little squirrel entertainment without hurting them.

There is some squirrel preventive entertainment involved, the idea is have a place for your small-medium size songbirds, with an open feeder, non-aggressive  squirrel proof design . 

Close access to feed tray and dislodges.

The unique dual purpose design not only helps to dislodge the feeder pest, but also closes access to the feed tray during an attempt.
Construction & Materials

Materials used. 

Rust Proof Rigid Aluminum  Housing, Lexan Roof, Stainless Steel Hardware, Heavy Duty Galvanized & Stainless Steel Seed Container & Hanger, Aluminum Support Assembly,

Copper Weight Tube.

All components made in U.S.A.

Lifetime guarantee. 

Lifetime corrosion warranty on rigid aluminum feeder housing.


Quality powder coating - All Weather High UV Protected Textured Finish, Forest Green.


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