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Literally, a squirrel proof bird feeder revolution since 1998.

Rollerfeeder  designed with songbirds in mind.



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2018 Rolling Bird Feeders Made in USA

" Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU!!!! for a true 110% Squirrel proof bird feeder! The squirrels stay on the ground now after taking too many tumbles...Sweet Revenge!" Jason - Fayetteville, GA
Read what
Owners say...Owner Testimonials Click for owner testimonials.

" TRUE 100% squirrel proof bird feeder " I love this Roller feeder!

"100% satisfied I have the best feeders made " a Win, Win, Win!!!

" Exactly as advertised " "It is the best, does everything you say"

"Your design is the best I have ever seen" Squirrels repulsed!!!

" We absolutely Marvel....these wonderful feeders."

It WorksClick for squirrel and bird owner testimonials

Birds Flock

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Raccoon proof rollerfeeder.


How to fill Rollerfeeder


Male House Finch perching on Rollerfeeder, click for rolling and spinning squirrel on feeder.

Squirrel Rolling click Finch

Spinning Demonstration

Rollerfeeder order here page

Guaranteed Squirrel Proof.  Raccoon effective.

Battery/Motor Free!

humorous 360 degree spinning befuddles, ejects, and rolls squirrels.

Lifetime Corrosion Guarantee on Aluminum Housing & Guaranteed Squirrel Proof..

Since Made in USA 1998

Made In The  U.S.A.

20th Year.

Parts & Assembly

Lifetime housing.

Chickadee-Cardinal size birds, 2-sided.

Prevents larger nuisance birds.

Perching & Cling feeding allowed.

All-Weather rain & snow protection. 

Simple filling rotate & pour seed in.

Hang close without squirrel worry.

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Utica Observer-Dispatch

 testimonials logo" A reader made notice of myclick for testimonials, chickadee visiting rollerfeeder reference to "greedy squirrels" in last week’s column and said she had found a 100 percent squirrel proof bird feeder that she gave to her son for his birthday. She said it has been in place since last fall and not one squirrel has mastered it. It’s the RollerFeeder wild bird feeder.  I checked it out...If it really works – and my reader swears it does – it might be worth it. " Outdoor Columnist John Pitarresi.


Owner testimonials

...Best, most effective feeder I've ever owned!

Michael - Bristol, Connecticut

Red breasted nuthatch, click photo for testimonials.

 RollerFeeder General Description:  2 Sided Hopper style squirrel proof bird feeder with double perching stations and dual purpose design incorporating both seed trays and stainless steel mesh feeding sides.  Built-in rain & snow weather-shelter outer housing protects seed from the elements.  Humorous animal powered rolling mechanics harmlessly ejects & befuddles squirrels & keeps larger nuisance birds off while catering to native songbirds. Includes versatile single point hanger & reversible perches for tough starling problems.  Quality lifetime materials - all parts machine & hand made in America.

Solving animal & bird problems.

    grey squirrel red squirrelpossumraccoon  

blackbird  house sparrowpigeon deer  

Small pine or red, gray & fox squirrels, possum,

raccoon, deer, house-sparrows (see sparrow page), all larger nuisance birds such as grackles, pigeons, doves, crows, 

and other larger nuisance birds.

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Major credit cards accepted.

Accepting Visa ~ MC ~ American Express ~ Discover Card ~ PayPal.

See how the design works to harmlessly rolls and spins squirrels to the ground!

Rolling photo click to enlarge.

Now 17 years proven & rolling  in  49 States, Canada, UK

RollerFeeder Reviews

. Review snippet from Writer and 

Squirrel Proof Feeder Critic John Thorne 

Click to view chickadee on rollerfeeder II...."when you look at our patio and realize the Roller Feeder has been 100% successful in repulsing squirrels, then you should congratulation yourself again on a fantastic invention. I say again: hats off!" 


Birds Flock - High Feeding Activity

For best results see Rollerfeeder feeding tips.




Described by Naturalist, Syndicated

Nature Columnist & Wildlife Author Dr. Scott Shalaway 

 "...An ingenious mechanical design that frustrates hungryWhite, albino squirrel trying to owtwit rollerfeeder squirrels and leaves behind the food for the birds. The design is elegantly simple -- an easy to fill hopper is surrounded by a freely rotating outer shell. The hopper is stationary, but when a squirrel lands on the outer shell the squirrel's own weight spins the squirrel harmlessly to the ground. The RollerFeeder is as entertaining and effective as a motor operated birdfeeder, but doesn't require a battery or motor."


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click for new model option

Click photo for all ( 6) 2018 models.

RollerFeeder Model Rf2-Cardinal-Clear-Grn-Green - click for all 2013 models

Click photo for Best Seller Models.

.New Model:  RF2-Cardinal-Clear-Grn-Green

Guaranteed squirrel proof bird feeders by Rollerfeeder


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Built-in Weather-shelter.

Built-in Rain Proof Roof is 100% Effective.

No Clogged Seed Ports, Wet Seed Trays, or Additional Cost.

.Typical bird feeder rain dome or cover protection

Stormy or Wind/Snow Conditions

Click for rain proof features video

Dome not required

See Rain Video click either graphic.


How to fill Rollerfeeder  


Rain Features Video Here

Battery-Free Design Compare

Motor driven & battery powered versus weight activated rolling.


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How it Works & Spins

click for how rollerfeeder works and spins without spilling bird seed.

Click graphic for videos & info on how it works & spins without spilling birdseed.

How Rollerfeeder Works, no bells, no whistles, no batteries.

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Helps deter loitering & clinging/disruption - ejecting squirrels. Uses 
animals own weight to work & roll. Also prevents larger birds like 

blackbirds, starlings, crows, grackles, pigeons, and cowbirds.

Hang Anywhere

Inside a tree or Shepherd's Hook

Notice pine tree branches all around the feeder. 

songbirds eating inside treeSquirrel rolls off, no seed loss

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Click for larger view of features

Features of rollerfeeder

 Specifications - 2017 models

All parts made & assembled in U.S.A

All Rollerfeeders are double sided with 16 openings for birds, see more rf2_cardinal models.

  • Aluminum Housing: High Strength 5052-H32 Rigid Aluminum Alloy

  • See-thru Roof:  Polycarbonate/Lexan.

  • Seed Hopper: HD Galvanized Coated Steel - unique 2-sided hopper design with seed trays and stainless steel mesh feed sides. Riveted construction.

  • Wire Grid/Perches: Zinc coated steel, with gold or green finish for added corrosion resistance - lasts years longer than painted or rubberized finishes.

  • Hanger: Galvanized Coated Steel - versatile single point extra long so squirrels can't hang down from above.

  • Axel: 6061 High Strength Hardened Aluminum Alloy.

  • Bushings: Delrin, polymer used in Industrial Applications.

  • Nuts & Bolts & Roof Edge: Stainless Steel.

  • Finish: High UV Protective All Weather Textured Powder Coating. 

    Compare quality & features with imports.

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Birdfeeder Features.

  • Guaranteed to prevent gray squirrels, fox squirrels, black squirrels, and other animals similar in size.  There is an available accessory piece to prevent the toughest of rodents, including: red/pine squirrels, and raccoons.

  • Effective at preventing larger nuisance blackbirds, starlings, crows, grackles, cowbirds, pigeons, aggressive jays etc.

  • Adjustable to control house sparrow overload and tested method for reducing house sparrows.

  • Designed specifically for small-medium size native songbirds like chickadees, nuthatches, all finch varieties, titmice, pine siskin, up to cardinals and others.


  • Use only the best seed with no compromises on quality to try and deter pests, we recommend 100% Whole sunflower kernels - the champion of birdseed, or richen the mix with sunflower hearts or quality mixed seed

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Owner Convenience, Less Hassle.

  • Hang a RollerFeeder where you want to, does not matter, including: overhang, deck, tree branch, line, vertical pole w/extension, tree trunk w/extension, or in the middle of a tree with branches all around as shown in our photos.

  • Does not require other after market products.

  • Non aggressive & unique mechanical design.

  • Environmentally sound, no ongoing costs or need to monitor battery usefulness, or replace cartridges, nothing goes to landfill.

  • Simple filling, just rotate housing & pour seed in.

  • Helps deter squirrels from clinging on, climbing all over, chewing, and disrupting the feeder for long periods of time.

  • Closes access to the seed tray, and also dislodges the unwanted visitor. 

  • A Patented Design & proven in the field for over 14 years, 49 states and counting.

  • Enough entertainment to put a smile on your face, but know it does not harm the squirrel, more importantly, builds your confidence in feeding birds with a completely open design without the extras.

Click for testimonials

Click for full Customer Reviews.


Charlene "I have spent countless dollars on feeders thatClick for owner testimonials could not achieve what this product does"...."
Kelly "I can't tell you how happy I was to hear (and see) the first squirrel fall off of it! Thanks for your follow-up. I'm very pleased. And your recommendation of the
black oil sunflower seeds was a great one... the songbirds love it! " Cheryl "...pretty soon I'll have a rollerfeeder hanging in every tree".

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Short Squirrel Rolling Video

Click for short squirrel rolling video and photos.


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RollerFeeder is an Advocate of NBFS

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